#35: Food Preparation and Cooking.

Reconstruction Description
FAI-QUMU Cook in earth oven
FAI-TAU Gather leaves to cover oven
FAKA-FANA. Re-heat cooked food (Clk)
FAKA-QAFU.1 Prepare oven for lighting
FAKAALA Provide food, make contribution of food
KAI-GA.B Food refuse, esp. of chewed food
KALO.4 Stir
KANO-MATE Meat, esp. lean meat
KOFU.1C Cook
LOLO-QI.A Prepare food with coconut cream
LOLO-QI.B Coconut cream; food prepared with coconut cream
MAKA-SUNU Oven stone
MALUU.B Cooked
MOSO.2 Cooked
NUNU Rub, grate, strain (action in preparation of turmeric or arrowroot)
PAQA-PAQA Type of food
PUU.3 Arrange oven stones and firewood and kindle oven (Rby)
QOTA.1 Be raw; eat raw
QOTAI Dish of raw fruits: (')o(o)tai
SAKA.3 Boil food in water
SEPO.B A fruit soup or stew
TAQO.1 Cook in earth oven
TAU.12 Cover (vt); covering of earth oven
TOKONAKI Prepare, assemble for use (esp. food)
TUNU Cook on open fire; roast, grill
URU.2 Arrange hot stones on bed of earth-oven

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