Anuta entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
MP.UTA Uta Supplies or cargo lying in the hold of a canoe; a haul of fish lying in the hold... (Fbg)
OC.QUTU.1 Utu To fill (Fbg)
OC.USU.1 Uu/a kitua To chase out (Fbg)
PN.QUU.A Uu/paka Tobacco roll (Fbg)
PN.QUFI.3 U/upi Grass used for mulching for taro (Fbg)
PN.QASI V/a(a)i To taste; to be flavored Problematic (Fbg)
MP.WAA-WAA.2B Vaa/mangio A kind of plant which produces itching in humans (Tetrastigma sp.) (Fbg)
PN.WAA.2 Vaa/maunga Valley (Fbg)
OC.SAE.1 V/ae. V/ai (Fbg). Tear, rend (Yen)
OC.WAHE (Va)vae, vae/vae To divide (Fbg)
PN.WAHE-RUA Vae rua To divide in half (Fbg)
PN.WAI-KELI Vai keri Well (n) (Fbg)
AN.AKA.A Vai/aka Root (Fbg)
PN.WAI-WAI Vaivai/tama Afterbirth (Fbg)
PN.SAA-KALO V/akaro To weed small plants and grass by hand (Fbg)
PN.WIKI.2 Vaki/vaki Happy; happiness Phonologically Irregular (Fbg)
CP.WANA Vana Sea urchin (Fbg)
NP.SAWANE Vane/vane Yellow sea perch (Fbg)
AN.RAQA V/a(a)/rakau Branch of tree (Fbg)
PN.WALO.1 Va/varo Surprised Uncertain Semantic Connection (Fbg)
SO.VENE Vene-nga A load carried on the back with a belt in the style of women (Fbg)
PN.WELO.1 Vero/i To push (as pushing a canoe out through the surf) (Fbg)
CP.SAWINI Vini To whistle by curling your tongue, and exhaling only (Fbg)
PN.QALU.C Aru Go (second and third person singular) (Fbg)
PN.GAHE-GAHE Ngaengae Sick, ill (Fbg)
PN.TUQA-A-MATA Tuaamata Eyebrow, eyelid (Fbg)
NP.TAA.1E Ta/ta To wash or clean something (Fbg)
PN.TE-NI I eni Here, in this place (Fbg)
OC.MARA Maa mei Fermented breadfruit Borrowed (Fbg)
OC.MARA Ma/maa A type of food made from a number of vegetable substances, buried in large pits where it is fermented to acid, in which condition it can be kept for many years without spoiling (Fbg)
PN.FEE-FEA* Pepeeki How? (Fbg)
SO.SAGA.1C Anga/a A type of ceremony performed for children at and/or before puberty (Fbg)

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