Anuta entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
EO.FAQU-LUA Pua rua Large double-hulled canoe Phonologically Irregular (Fbg)
PN.FUAFUA.2B Pua/a/vae Calf of leg (Fbg)
AN.FUA.3A Pua/i Egg (Fbg)
EC.FUA.3B Pua/i/rao Testicle (Fbg)
PN.PU-QAKI Puaki To transfer something from one's own mouth to that of another (Fbg)
OC.FUE.1A Pue Plant sp. (Ipomoea brasiliense) (Fbg)
PN.PUKE.3 Puke To grab, catch, hold (us. with *atu* or *mai*) (Fbg)
PN.PUKE.3 Puke/puke To wrestle; wrestling match (Fbg)
MP.PUKU.1A Puku Protuberance (Fbg)
FJ.PUKU.1B Puku Erection of the penis (Fbg)
OC.FUGA.1 Punga Top surface of something (Fbg)
MP.PUGA.1 Punga Coral stone abrader (Fbg)
OC.FUGA.1 Punga pare Ceiling, roof (Fbg)
OC.FUGA.1 Punga/a/vaka Deck of ship or top of canoe (Fbg)
PN.FUGOWAI.* Pungoai Parent-in-law, child-in-law (Fbg)
PN.PUKE.2 Pu/puke Water falling in large quantities (as from water supply aqueduct during monsoon season) (Fbg)
MP.PULA.2B Pu/pura To wake up (Fbg)
AN.FUTI.1 Pu/puti To pull something up from the ground; to stretch something like a piece of rubber (Fbg)
MP.PULA.1 Pura For a spark to ignite upon rubbing a stick on a wood platform or fire plow (Fbg)
OC.FULA.1 Pura Protruding (as a fat stomach) (Fbg)
MP.PULA.1 Pura/rua For fire to light at both ends of fire plow track (in making fire by friction) (Fbg)
FJ.FUHU Pu/rere Spiral shell; cone shell (Fbg)
MP.FULI.1 Puri/i To turn something over (Fbg)
MP.FULU.2 Puru/nga/kere Circumcision ceremony (lit. cleansing the dirt) (Fbg)
OC.PUU.1 Puu/kaa Shell trumpet; conch; conch shell which is blown to signify the start of church) (Fbg)
CP.PUULOU.A Puurou To cover oneself as with a blanket (Fbg)
??.PUULOU.B Purau To catch fish with a net Phonologically Irregular (Fbg)
AN.LAQE.A Rae Forehead (Fbg)
MP.LAI Rai A kind of fish (Fbg)
PN.LAKA-LAKA Rakaraka To walk taking large, brisk steps; to walk quickly (Fbg)
OC.KEHE Ta/ke (singular), ra/ke (plural) Other, different (Fbg)
PN.LAKU.1 Raku To throw something away (Fbg)
PN.LAGA.1C Ranga(i) To pull something out of the ground (Fbg)
CP.LAGA.1A Raga Crops which have matured Uncertain Semantic Connection (Fbg)
OC.LAFA Rapa A type of skin fungus marked by severe itching and very difficult to cure (Fbg)
FJ.ORU Rapa/oru A kind of taro Problematic (Fbg)
FJ.PALE.3C Ra/pare/pare Afternoon (Fbg)
PN.LAFI.2 Rapi/rapi Close, near (Fbg)
NP.LAU.1B Rau Thin, flexible object (Fbg)
PN.LAU-QULU Rau uru Head hair (Fbg)
EO.LAU.3 Rau Flat surface of an object (Fbg)
PN.LAWA.3 Rava European cloth worn wrapped around a man's waist (Fbg)
PN.LAWA.3 Rava/rava Women's skirt, either of bark cloth or European cloth (Fbg)
EO.LAWA.1A Rava Abundant (Fbg)
NP.LAAWAKI Ravaki, lavaki Vacant; absent; dead (Fbg)
PN.LAWE.2A Rave To run aground; caught on the bottom of the sea (Fbg)
PN.LEA Re(e)/rea To speak (rarely used, probably archaic form) (Fbg)
PN.LEQO.2 Reo To look after (Fbg)
OC.LEQO.1 Reo Voice (Fbg)
PN.QO Rere o aru To run away; to flee (Fbg)

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