New Zealand Maori entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
AN.FUKA.1 Huka/huka Lock of hair (Wms)
NP.FUKA.2 Huka Foam (Wms)
MP.FUKE.A Huke Uncover (especially an earth oven) (Wms)
OC.FULA.1 Hura Scrofulous swelling (Wms)
NP.FULA.2 Hura Nervous twitching of the shoulder; lift the arm suddenly with the elbow bent (Wms)
SO.MA-FULE Maahure/hure Cut to pieces, reduced to fragments; thief (Wms)
OC.FULE.A Hure Search (Wms)
EO.SULA Hura Begin to dawn; begin to flow, of the tide; bare, bald (Wms)
MP.FULI.1 Huri Turn (round or over) (Wms)
PN.FULI.2 Huri noa Turn right around Problematic (Bgs)
PN.FULI-TUQA Huritua Turn the back, face about = huritaitua, hurikotua (Wms)
MP.FULU-FULU Huruhuru Hair (body-hair), fur, feathers (Bgs)
AN.FUNA.1A Huna-a Conceal (Wms)
CE.FUNA.2 Huna The moon on the tenth day (Wms)
CC.FUNA.3 Huna Destroy, devastate, lay waste (Wms)
EP.FUNAOGA.* Hunaonga Son-in-law, daughter-in-law (Wms)
EP.FUNAOGA.* Hunoonga Son/daughter-in-law (Wms)
PN.FUNE.1 Hune Pappus of raupo seeds; down (of birds etc.) (Wms)
CP.FUSI.1 Huuhi Swamp n (Wms)
PN.FUSI.2 Huuhi Cat’s cradle, a string game (Wms)
AN.FUTI.1 Hu(hu)ti Pluck, pull up/out (Wms)
AN.FUTI.1 Huutia Passive of hu(hu)ti (Wms)
AN.FUTI.2 Huti/huti A sweet-potato variety Problematic (Bgs)
AN.FUTU Hutu A tree (Ascarina lucida) (Wms)
AN.FUTU Poo/hutu/kawa A tree (Metrosideros excelsa) (Wms)
AN.FUTU Hutu/kawa A tree (Metrosideros tomentosa) (Wms)
OC.-GA -(C)(a)nga Gerundive suffix (Bgs)
EO.GAA.1 Ngaa Take breath, breathe (Wms)
PN.GAA.2A Nga Definite article plural (Wms)
PN.GAA.2A Ngaa/i A prefix to a personal name used as the tribal name Problematic (Bgs)
EC.GAELE Ngaere Soft, ripe; quake, oscillate (as a bog) (Wms)
EP.GA-FAQA.* Ngawhaa Burst open, overflow (of a river), split (Wms)
EP.GA-FAQA.* Ngaawhaa Boiling spring (Bgs)
PN.GAFI-GAFI Ngawhingawhi Torn, worn out, exhausted (Wms)
CE.GA-FOA.*B Ngaahoa/hoa Headache (Wms)
PN.GAFULU.* Ngahuru Ten (archaic) (Bgs)
NP.GAE.A Ngae Wheeze (Wms)
NP.GAE.A Ngaengae Fail, of breath (Wms)
NP.GAE.A Ngaingai Pant, sob (Wms)
PN.GAHELE Ngaere Soft, quake, oscillate, as a bog (Wms)
NP.GAQI-GAQI Ngaingai Pant, sob (Wms)
CE.GAIO.1 Ngaio Small grub (Wms)
CE.GAIO.2 Ngaio A tree (Myoporum laetum) (Wms)
PN.GAAKAU Ngaakau Intestines; seat of the emotions (Bgs)
CE.GAKI.A Ngaki Apply oneself to, occupy oneself intently with, strive for (Wms)
PN.GAKO Ngako Fat (grease) (Wms)
PN.GALA Ngara Snarl (Wms)
NP.GAA-LAFU Ngaarahu Charcoal (Wms)
NP.GAA-LAFU Ngaarehu Charcoal (Wms)
EP.GAARARA Ngaarara Reptile, monster; insect (Wms)

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