Nukuoro entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
SO.PAPO Babu/-hoga-agau Fish sp., two sorts, one white, one red (Crl)
SO.PAQASI Baasi Side, half (Crl)
CE.PASU.1B Pahu A drum Problematic (Crn)
EO.PAASUA Baasua. Pasua (Crn). Tridacna maxima (Crl)
OC.PATA.1A Pata/pata To fall in drops (Crn)
PN.PATA.3 Pada Coarse in texture, grain, weave, etc (Crl)
PN.FATU-QARIKI Hoto-ariki A chief, a king (Crn)
AN.PATU.1A Badu Hit/tap with hand/foot, kick (Crl)
CP.PAU.1A Haga/bau Figure out, determine; measure, calculate, estimate (Crl)
SO.PAU.1B Bau age Capable of, be the equal of (Crl)
PN.PEE- Either...or (Crl)
EC.PE-AFA Beaha To be in a serious condition, critically ill or injured Uncertain Semantic Connection (Crl)
MP.LOKU Nga/logu Push in, crumple up, bend out of shape (temporarily) (Crl)
OC.PEAU Beau A wave, the surf (Crl)
NP.PEE-FEA Behee Like what? (Crl)
OC.PEKA.1 Peka A bat (Crn)
OC.PELA Pela Earth, soil (Crn)
OC.PELA Bela Plot of taro, boggy soil (Crl)
OC.PELA Bela/bela Dirty (like bela) (Crl)
PN.PELUPELU Belubelu Fish sp (Crl)
PN.PENA.1B Pena Take precautions (Crl)
PN.PENA.1B Hagata/pena/ Prepare, make ready (Crl)
OC.PENU.A Benu Pandanus key after being chewed (Crl)
OC.PEPE Bebe Butterfly (Crl)
PN.POKO.2 Poko Narrow Uncertain Semantic Connection (Crn)
NP.PESE.1 Bese Harmony part in old chants (Crl)
NP.PETI Bedi Fat, plump (Crl)
MP.PII.2A Pii/a Get wet (Crl)
MP.PII.2A Bii Ejaculate; semen (Crl)
MP.PIA.1 Bie Polynesian arrowroot (Tacca leontopetaloides) Phonologically Irregular (Crl)
MP.PIKI.1A Bigi/bigi/a Covered with something sticky (Crl)
MP.PIKI.1A Bigi Caught between two other things (Crl)
MP.PIKO.A Bigo Bent (Crl)
MP.PILI.1A Bili/bili Caught up as a falling tree (Crl)
OC.PILI.2 Belu. Pilu (Crn). Lizard sp. Phonologically Irregular (Crl)
MP.PIPI.1 Bibi (Cyclotinella remies), tellinidae spp (Crl)
EC.PISO Biho. Piho (Crn). Head; body of a trolling lure Phonologically Irregular (Crl)
PN.PITO.2 Bido Extremity (Crl)
MP.POO.1A Boo Night (Crl)
OC.POO.2 Boo Grab (with one's hand); hold (in one's hand); capture (Crl)
MP.POA.1 Boa Best fish catch of a lifetime Uncertain Semantic Connection (Crl)
NP.POGA.2 Bongaa That which is hollow (in compounds) (Crl)
PN.POGA-POGA Bonga Defective, of fruit (Crl)
PN.POI.C Boi Abnormal [singular] (Crl)
PN.POLA-POLA Bolobolo A type of basket (Crl)
PN.POO-KIA Boogia Be captured, grabbed (Crl)
PN.POKO.2 Pogo Crumpled up (Crl)
PN.POKO.2 Bogo/bogo Pushed out of shape, rumpled, crumpled (Crl)
FJ.POLE.A Bole Angry, as indicated by movement, to be (Crl)
NP.POLI.B Boli Take special care of (Crl)

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