Samoan entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
NP.PEE-LAA Peelaa As if, as though (Mnr)
NP.PEE-LAA Faʔa/peelaa Like that (Mnr)
PN.MUU.1 See/muu The dragon-fly (Prt)
PN.KAILAO ʔAilao The act of fencing with, or flourishing, a club; to brandish the club (Prt)
SO.QAAUGA Aauga Signs and symptoms of an illness Uncertain Semantic Connection (Mnr)
SO.KAPUTI Aputi The husk; the sheath or covering of the young leaf (stipule) (Prt)
SO.KAPUTI ʔAputi Ear (of corn) (Mnr)
SO.KAU-LAMA ʔAulama Bundle of dry coconut leaves (esp. used as a flare) (Mnr)
SO.FAKA-FUA Faʔafua To rise, as a groundswell, or a wave, but not to break (Prt)
SO.TOKO.1B Toʔo A stand in which is placed the perch of a pigeon (Prt)
PN.FAKA-SOA Faʔasoa Procure, obtain (esp. woman's favour) for a friend, act as a go-between (Mnr)
SO.TATA.2 Tata To jerk off, to pluck with violence (Prt)
NP.TAU-AMA Tauama The name of a rope in a sailing canoe (Prt)
SO.TAU-TALI Tautali To follow after (Prt)
CP.TOLI.1 Toli (of fruit) Twist off and fetch down (Mnr)
PN.TOKONAKI Toʔonaʔi To prepare large quantities of food for cooking (Prt)
PN.MOHE-QAHO Moemoeao K. shark, perhaps a basking shark (Mnr)
PN.TAMA-TAQANE Tamataane A boy; the son of a woman; young men (Prt)
NO.PA-TAKE Taʔe/taʔe Shallow, as a boat or a basket Problematic (Prt)
PN.KOGA-A-LOTO ʔOgaloto The middle (Prt)
PN.KOGA-A-LOTO ʔOgaatotonu Centre, middle Problematic (Mnr)
SO.KAU-MAI ʔAumai Bring, get (Mnr)
SO.KAV-ATU ʔAvatu Give (to the person spoken to, or some person other than the speaker); take; help oneself to (Mnr)
SO.KAV-AGE ʔAvane Take, bring along; serve, provide; hand over (Mnr)
SO.KAV-AKE ʔAvaʔe Take up, pick up, put up (Mnr)
PN.FAKA-TAFA Faʔatafa To step on one side; to get out of the road to allow a chief to pass (Prt)
PN.MEO Meo To be sulky (Prt)
PN.MAMAGI Mamagi Possibly another name for mamalupe (Faradaya amicorum) (Whr)
SO.MAGI Ma/magi Ulceration of penis (Mnr)
SO.MAGI Magi/magi/noa Applied to a convalescent from sickness (Prt)
SO.MAGE Mage/mage Kelara or mechanical feet, a condition in which the feet become pitted owing to walking barefoot on lava, etc. Uncertain Semantic Connection (Mnr)
PN.SEI-LALA Seilala (Garcinia sessilis) (rare) (Whr)
XW.VAVAE.* Vavae Kapok (Ceiba pentandra); also possibly the original name for the indigenous cotton sp. (Gossypium hirsutum), now rare. (Whr)
PN.LAU-PATA Laupata The name of a tree (Mallotus roxburghianus) (Prt)
??.TULUMA Tulula A basket to keep oil-bottles in; a foreign boat Phonologically Irregular (Prt)
OC.MAKO.3 Maʔo Tree spp. including (Trichospermum richei) and (Melochia odorata) (Prt)
MP.KULU-KULU.3 Ma/ʔuluʔulu Tree sp. (Meryta macrophylla) (Whr)
PN.TAKAFALU Talavalu, talavalu (Micromelum minutum) Phonologically Irregular (Whr)
PN.TAKAFALU Tamafalu, talafalu, taʔa mafalu (Micromelum minutum) Phonologically Irregular (Phm)
PN.KATONE ʔAtone Tree sp. (Myristica hypargyraea) (Whr)
FJ.TAKA-TAKA Taʔa taʔa (Eleusine indica) (Phm)
FJ.TAKA-TAKA Taʔa taʔa (vili taliga) (Cyperus brevifolius, C. kyllingia) (Phm)
PN.SEFA Sefa Name given to certain grasses belonging to genera Centotheca, Eleusine, Digitaria, Panicum, Thuarea, and Echinochloa. (Mnr)
PN.SEFA Sefa Name of one or more grass spp. probably including (Centosteca lappacea) (Whr)
MP.ATE.2 Ate/ate Beach sunflower (Wollastonia biflora) (Whr)
XW.MOLI TAHI Moli tai Shrub or small tree sp. (Ximenia americana) with edible fruit (Whr)
SO.QEPU Ga/epu (of water) Cloudy, muddy (Mnr)
PN.FAKA-MAA Faʔamaa (ina) Put someone to shame, embarrass someone (Mnr)
PN.POLA-POLA Polapola A double pola, used to carry food to chiefs; a flat-built canoe (Prt)
PN.TOFI-QA Tofiga An inheritance, a patrimony; an appointment (Prt)

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