Tuvalu entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
PN.FATU-TILI Fattili Thunder (Jsn)
NP.FIFI.2A Fifi To be tangled, to snag; to be confused (Jsn)
OC.PUTU.1 Faka/putu Gather up fruit, shellfish, etc.; put in bundles (Rby)
PN.LAGI.5 Lagi/lagi Send on frequent errands (Rby)
SO.LAPA.3 Lapa Address a person by the wrong name (Rby)
PN.TUSU.B Ma(t)ikao/tusi Index finger (Jsn)
PN.TUSU.B Moikao tuhi First finger (Rby)
NP.LOMA.1 L/loma Flow freely (as milk from nipple) (Jsn)
PN.LOLO.1B L/lolo (of food) To absorb coconut cream, to be creamy (Jsn)
FJ.TAKELE.A T/takele Lowest point; the keel of a boat or canoe (Jsn)
MP.SUA.2 Sua Stick for husking coconuts (Jsn)
PN.WAHA-WAHA Vaavaa To be placed at a distance, spacious (Jsn)
PN.WAHA-WAHA Vaavaa, vava Apart, different (Rby)
PN.WAHA-WAHA Vava mamao = vaavaa mamao Far different (Rby)
PN.RAQA-KAU.B Laakau Stick; penis (Rby)
PN.RAQA-KAU.B Laakau hika (Bed of) fire plough (Rby)
SO.KALAPA Kalapa Fish sp. (Rby)
SO.MAAFULU Maafulu To be sleepy, to just wake up. Just woken (Rby). (Jsn)
SO.MAAFULU Maafuu Sleepy, weary Phonologically Irregular (Rby)
NO.FAKA-LESI Faka(le)lehi Deceive, trick (Rby)
NO.FAKA-LESI Fakalesi To trick, deceive, pretend; to hide what you are doing; to put on a false appearance (Jsn)
SO.FAI-FEKAU Faifekau Messenger (Jsn)
SO.FAI-FEKAU Faifeau Minister, pastor, religious representative Borrowed (Jsn)
SO.FAI-FEKAU Faifekau Messenger, pastor (Rby)
SO.MUKA.1C Muka Brittle, beginning to break (e.g. of branch) (Rby)
MP.SAPAI Sapai To lift using both hands in front [ex. baby] (Jsn)
PN.MEQA-KAI Meakai Food (Jsn)
PN.TAU-SOA Tau(ga)hoa Friend (Rby)
PN.TAU-SOA Tausoa Friend, companion (Jsn)
PN.MATA.5 Mata/loa Door, gate (Jsn)
NP.KAU-QAMO Kauamo Shoulder pole (Rby)
CP.TUKU.A Tuku/tuku Put further in (as fishing line in water) (Rby)
CP.TUKU.A Ma/tuku ki lalo To drop down, recede [ex. population] (Jsn)
CP.TUKU.A T/tuku (Of tide) to fall (Jsn)
NP.TAFA-TAI Tafa/a/tai Seashore [Eng-Tuv] (Jsn)
OC.GASE-GASE G/gase To be numb, anaesthetized (Jsn)
PN.POO.1B Poo Day (as time unit) (Rby)
PN.TAU-.14 Tau Fruit marking prefix (Rby)
PN.TAU-.14 Tau/iva Nine (of fruit); group of nine (fruit) (Rby)
PN.TAU-.14 Tau/tolu Threesome, group of three (animals and fruit) (Jsn)
MP.SUKI.A Suki Horn, incisor, canine tooth (Jsn)
MP.SUKI.A S/suki To stab; give an injection (Jsn)
MP.SUKI.A Ma/suki/suki To pain, ache; to have stabbing pains; (of cold) biting (Jsn)
NP.TAA.1E T/ta To wash (Jsn)
PN.FAKA-RUA.1 Fakalua-gina To double, do twice over (Jsn)
PN.SIKI.1E Hiki Shift a house; replant (Rby)
PN.SIKI.1E Siki Move, shift (Jsn)
PN.NANU.A Nanu Speak gibberish, or indistinctly. To be incoherent, to mumble (Jsn). (Rby)
OC.QANA-NAFI Annafi, anaafi, (NTO) nanaafi Yesterday (Bsr)
AN.MASI.1 Masi Biscuit, cabin cracker Uncertain Semantic Connection (Jsn)

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