Tuvalu entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
NP.PEE-LAA Peelaa Like that yonder (Rby)
NP.PEE-LAA Pelaa Just like, just as (Jsn)
PN.MUU.1 Sa/muu Dragonfly (Jsn)
PN.WALO.1 V/valo To announce as a town crier; to prophesy (Jsn)
PN.TAQA.2 Taa/taa Sweat (Rby)
PN.TAQA.2 Tau/taa To sweat, perspire (Jsn)
SO.KAU-LAMA Kaulama Dried coconut leaves (Jsn)
SO.TATA.2 Tata Pull out (as of knife from sheath, tooth from jaw) (Rby)
SO.TAU-TALI Tautali To follow (Rby)
SO.LAO Lao Tail of crayfish (Jsn)
PN.MOHE-QAHO Moemoeao Shark (Jsn)
SO.SEPE Sepe To cut with a bush knife (Jsn)
PN.QARA-FAKI Alafaki To sit up (without sleep), wait up at night (Jsn)
PN.KOGA-A-LOTO Kogaaloto Centre, middle (Jsn)
PN.FAKA-TAFA Fakatafa To get out of the way, turn aside, step aside (Jsn)
NP.FAKA-QATA.C Fakaata(ata) To picture in mind, visualize (Jsn)
SO.SEKE.1C Seke To be out of joint, disjointed (of body limbs), sprained (Jsn)
CP.SAGALE Sagale Type of tree. (Jsn)
CP.SAGALE Sagale Type of tree. (Jsn)
CP.SAGALE Hangale Tree sp. (Lemnitzera littorea) (Whr)
SO.PUKA-VAKA Puka vaka Tree sp., probably (Hernandia nymphaefolia) (Rch)
PN.FAKA-MAA Fakamaa/gina Be caused embarrassment (Rby)
PN.FULE.B Fule Withdraw foreskin (Rby)
PN.KAI-GA.B Kaiga Rubbish (Jsn)
PN.TOFI-QA Toofiga Appointment, the act of appointing, assignment (Jsn)
PN.TUTE.2 Tute Fish sp., garfish (Rby)
SO.PAA.7 Paa Slight depression in a tree trunk; defects or blemishes in a canoe due to using misshapen wood; defect in a family group (Rby)
AN.PAKI.1 Paki Touch; sudden hand or arm movement (Rby)
AN.PAKI.1 Paki/paki Sexual intercourse (Rby)
AN.PAKI.1 P/paki Touch a switch, turn a switch on or off; collide, meet; compete (Jsn)
PN.PAA.2B Paa Beat a gong for dancing; hit (of falling object) (Rby)
PN.PAKI.3 P/paki Break off, snap off (Jsn)
EC.PUGA-A-LEVELEVE Pogaaleveleve Web; spider (Jsn)
PN.LEWELEWE Leveleve Spider's web, cobweb; pus that develops in eyes (Jsn)
PN.UQU U/tia To be caught between two objects; hot, spicy (of curry, sauce, peppers) (Jsn)
PN.GARUE Galue Work, toil (Jsn)
PN.GA-LUE Galue/lue To sway backwards and forwards (as in swaying hips while dancing) (Jsn)
PN.GASUE Gasue To move, act, set in motion (Jsn)
PN.GA-LUE Galue/lue Swing to and fro; loose (Rby)
PN.GARUE Galue To move oneself; work (Rby)
NP.FAKA-KAA.2 Fakakaa Light fire or lamp (Rby)
PN.UALOLO Ualolo (pl. uallolo) Stream up to, go together, walk together (of a crowd) (Jsn)
PN.HAKE.A Ake Drift ashore (Rby)
SO.FUA.4 Fua/avaka (of ships and canoes) Fleet, navy (Jsn)
PN.FAI-GA Faiga Actions (Jsn)
PN.FAI-GA Faiga Method (Rby)
PN.FAI-GA Fai/faiga Deed (Rby)
PN.FAKA-TUQU Fakatuu To erect (Rby)
PN.FAKA-TUQU Fakatu To stop (car); raise up, make stand up, erect (Jsn)
PN.FAKA-TAU Fakatau (mai, atu) Buy, sell (Rby)

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