Tuvalu entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
PN.KAU-TAA Kautaa Sticks used to beat a tin during a fatele (Jsn)
PN.FANO-GA Fanooga The act of going somewhere (Jsn)
PN.FAKA-WALE Fakavale/vale Foolishness; act like a lunatic; have epileptic fits; have crazy spells (Rby)
PN.FAKA-WALE Fakavale/a To trick, deceive, make a person look like a fool (Jsn)
PN.E.3 E Hey there! Marker used before or after a name to attract attention (Jsn)
NP.EI Ei Interjection to call attention: hey! (Jsn)
PN.FAKA-QAROFA Fakaalofa Pitiable, unfortunate, hard up; a foreigner who lives on an island but has no land rights, an alien resident (Jsn)
PN.TAU-LEKALEKA.B Taulekaleka Pretty (Rby)
PN.MATA-LIKI.A Mataliki Narrow (of an opening). Fine (of net) (Rby). (Jsn)
OC.HIFO.A Ifo Bow down in prayer (Rby)
OC.HIFO.B Ifo Downwards (Rby)
PN.HAFA.B Ai aa Why? (Rby)
PN.HAFA.B (K)aiaa Why? (Jsn)
PN.REFU-REFU Lelehu Yellow of skin or eyes Uncertain Semantic Connection (Rby)
OC.TIFA.1A Tifa Pearl shell; plate (Jsn)
PN.MAQU-LALO Maulalo Deep (of water or holes); high (of cliffs, trees etc. when speaker is at the top); low (Rby)
PN.MAQU-LALO Faka/maulalo Humble, humility (Rby)
PN.FAI-TAHINA Faitaina Adoptive brother; cousin (Jsn)
NP.KOPE Kope/kope/nga A lot of luggage, many possessions (Jsn)
MP.KOPI.A Kopi To nurse a child, carry on hip or side Uncertain Semantic Connection (Jsn)
NP.KOPI-TI Kopi/kopi/aa Cluttered (referring to home, location or thinking); completely crowded, disorganized (Jsn)
SO.TAFA.1B Tafa Outside (Rby)
PN.TALI.2B Tali Reply, answer (Rby)
PN.MILI M/mili To rub (of oil); continually play with (Jsn)
PN.MIO.1A M/mio Twist, turn, screw; twist fibres to make string (Jsn)
PN.PUUPUU.3 Puupuu Kaleve [coconut juice] container made from shell of green nut fitted with string handles (Rby)
AN.POO-POO.A P/poo Massage (v) [Nanumea, Nanumanga] (Bsr)
SO.NI.2 Ne Indefinite article plural (Southern dialects) (Bsr)
PN.KAI.7 Kai Yet, ever (in interrogative or negative contexts) (Besnier 2000:486) (Bsr)
PN.QAU-HAKE Avake, avaka Raise up, bring up, put on high (Jsn)
CP.LIALIA Faka/lialia vale To dress immodestly, to dress as a person of loose morals (Jsn)
PN.QULU-POKO Ulupoko Skull (Jsn)
PN.SAQA.2 Saa Prefix added to indicate the family or associates of a person (Jsn)
NP.TANA.A Tana His, her, its (sg. possessed) (Rby)
PN.GANA.2B Ga/gana Language (Rby)
EC.KA-KAFI Kkafi To be able to accomplish something; to be capable of doing something (Jsn)
EC.KAMAI Kamai Fish sp., mackerel (Rby)
NP.KAMO.2 Kamo Steal, take secretly (Jsn)
EC.LAGAI Laangai Surf board, or any board or raft used to play in water (Bsr)
SO.LIKO.4 L/liko To scold, reprimand Uncertain Semantic Connection (Jsn)
EC.MAGOO-QALAWA-FENUA Alava/fenua Shark: white pointer. (Carcharhinus albimarginatus) (Bsr). (Jsn)
SO.MASAGI Masagi To be lifted up, thrown up (Jsn)
SO.MASAGI Mahagi Blown by the wind; to stop raining (Rby)
PN.MO-QI Moo A few; a little (Rby)
SO.LIKO.4 Li/liko Order out, expel, kick out (of the home), send away (permanently) Uncertain Semantic Connection (Nks)
EC.KAFUSU.* Kafutu Type of tree (Jsn)
SO.LIKO.4 Li/liko To stop (someone) verbally from doing something, call (someone) in order to prevent them from doing something (Bsr)
SO.MASAGI Mahagi To fly up, rebound; to clear away, as clouds from sky (Bsr)
CP.AO.1 Ao/faki Gather things into a pile (Nks)
SO.LIKO.4 Li/liko Notify; persuade (Rby)

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