Tuvalu entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
NP.FATITILI.* Fatitili Thunder (Rby)
MP.FATU.1A Fatu Weave (Rby)
MP.FATU.1A Fatu/aki Begin to weave (Rby)
PN.FATU.1B Fatu Compose, plan (Rby)
AN.FATU.2A Fatu Stone (Rby)
SO.FATU-AKI Fatuaki Begin to weave; resolute ; make up mind, determine, decide to do something, to strengthen heart (Rby)
SO.FATU-AKI Fatuaki-ga A plan (Rby)
PN.FATU-KALAA Fatu kalaa Hard, black stone (Rby)
PN.FAKA-QATA.A Fakaata/ata Look in mirror (Rby)
MP.FAU.A Fau tuu (Hibiscus tiliaceus) (Rby)
OC.FAQU.1 Fa/fau Lash (Rby)
PN.FAQU.2 Fau Head wreath of flowers (Rby)
MP.FAU-FAU Faufau To dislike strongly [Nanumea, Nanumanga Dialect] (Rby)
OC.FE- Fe- Reciprocal prefix (Rby)
PN.FE---QAKI Feitaaki Angry with each other (Rby)
PN.FE---QAKI Fehuiaki To exchange, trade, swap (Rby)
PN.FE---QAKI Fefokiaki Make several return trips (Rby)
NP.FEE-.3 Fee-fea How?, how so? (Rby)
NP.FEA Fea Where? (Rby)
PN.FEQAO Feao Family god; God; Jesus; spirits (Rby)
CE.FEEFEE Fete Swollen; to swell Problematic (Rby)
PN.FE-QI-TI.* Feiti Copulate (Rby)
OC.FEKA-FEKA Fekafeka Gills and gullet of fish (Rby)
PN.FEKAU.A Fekau Business, message, affair; send for (Rby)
NP.FEEKAU Feekau Human excrement (Rby)
PN.FEKE Feke Octopus (Rby)
PN.FEKIKI Fekiki Struggle, wrestle; move in sexual intercourse (Rby)
NP.FE-KITE Fekite Meet by chance (Rby)
PN.FELA Fe/fela Open (of cut, boil, labia); pull down lower eyelid. (Rby)
EO.FELO.1 Fe/felo Yellow; pale complexioned (Rby)
SO.FELO.2 Felo Tree sp. (Ficus tinctoria), or its fruit (Rby)
NP.FENUA.*A Fenua Land, country (Rby)
PN.FEO Feo Substance harder than coral (Rby)
SO.FE-PAKI Fepaki Collide (Rby)
PN.FISU Fihu Tie paa lure to line Uncertain Semantic Connection (Rby)
FJ.FESU Vehu Fix a lure to a bonito line (Rby)
MP.FETAQU Fetau (Calophyllum inophyllum) (Kch)
PN.FETE.1 Fete Swollen, to swell (Rby)
PN.FETE.1 Fe/fete/ To swell (Rby)
AN.FETUQU Fetuu Star, shine (of stars) (Rby)
PN.FETUQU-QAHO Fetuu ao Morning Star (Rby)
CP.FIA- Fia To desire, want (Rby)
PN.FIA-FIA Fiafia Happy (Rby)
NP.FIFI.2A Fifi Snag a line, tangle (Rby)
PN.FIFI-MATA Fifi-mata Eyelashes (Rby)
AN.FILI.1 Fili Select, choose (Rby)
CP.FILI.4 Fili Enemy (Rby)
MP.FIRI.1 Fili To string, as a lei, etc (Rby)
PN.FIRO.1 Filo Mix (of liquids, or with people) (Rby)
EC.FINA.1 Fina To love very strongly...bject of desire or liking (Bsr)

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