Reconstruction Level: EO - Eastern Oceanic

Reconstruction Description
AFU.1 Offspring
QAFU.2 Heap up; a heap or raised place
QALO.3 Paddle or row a boat (Ebt)
QALU.A Follow, go after, pursue, go with
AMI Crustacean roe
QATAMAI.A Intelligent, expert, clever
FAKA-.1 Causative prefix
FAKA-FOHA Boil, abscess
FARO.1 Scrape, rub
FALU Some, any, other: *fa(l,n)u
FAO Tree (Neisosperma[= Ochrosia] sp.)
FELO.1 A colour, yellow
FILI.5 Bird sp
FILO Twist cord from fibres by rolling them on the thigh
FOQI.1 Classifying particle preposed to nouns indicating small objects of compact shape
FOKI.1 Return
FOTA.3 Hollow out (Rby): *fot(a, o)
FOTU.3A Hole that goes right through, perforation, puncture
FAQU-LUA Sea-going craft, probably specifically a double-canoe *f(a,o)qu-lua
FULA.3 Go, run (plural)
FUSU Box (v), fight with fists
GAA.1 Breathe, pant
HAA.1 Interrogative, "what?", "why?"
HAA.2 Drive away
HAMA Outrigger, outrigger float
HOKA.2 Husk coconuts on a pointed stake
HUQI.1 Take off a garment; take something off a hook or peg; pick pandanus fruit
KAI.5 People of a place; to people a place, occupy, inhabit
KALAE Purple Swamphen (Porphyrio porphyrio)
KALISI.1A Skink, a kind of lizard
KAU.1 Swim
KE Verbal particle introducing subordinate clauses; in order to, so that
KESE Different
KETE.A Bag, basket
KI-KITE See into the future, have second-sight
KIMAA- First person exclusive marker
KINA.1 Sea-urchin
KITA.1 First person singular pronoun (independent, affectively marked form)
KITAA- First person inclusive marker
KOKA Tree sp. (Bischofia javanica)
KOMO.2 Suck
KONA.4 Bitter
KUI.1 Blind
KUMETE Wooden bowl
INO-QI Lean over, bow, fall *(i)no(q)(i)
LALAFI A fish, wrasse (Cheilinus sp.)
LAU.3 Surface area, expanse, breadth, size
LAQU.1 To get by hooking (as a fish), pinching between fingers
LAWA.1A Enough, sufficient, abundant, completed

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