Reconstruction Level: PN - Polynesian

Reconstruction Description
KOWI.A Abnormal condition of skin
KUA.1 Perfect aspect
KUI.2 Elderly female (CE), grandparent, ancestor (TON)
KUHU Stutter or other speech difficulty
KULA.1B Bird spp
KULUKI Strain to breaking point
KULU-KULU.1 A dove (Ptilinopus sp.)
KULU-KULU.2 A kind of yam
KUMALA.1 Sweet Potato (Ipomoea): *ku(u)mala
KUMI.1 Ten fathom measure
KUMI.2 Seek
KUPETI Stencil used to mark motifs on tapa cloth
KUPU.1A Word, phrase, saying -- any piece of language
KUPU.2 Piece, section, segment
-QI.3 Transitivising suffix
QIGO.2 Variegated
QIKAI Negative
QILAAMUTU Sister's child (man speaking)
ILI-FIA.2 To be afraid, overcome (with emotion)
INA.1 Be angry, furious
QINAFO School of bonito (Clk)
QINA-TI Share, portion
IO.2 Longitudinal strip of flesh
QISI Some, few (plural indefinite article)
ISU-PEQE Nasal mucus
RAA Demonstrative particle: there, yonder (not near speaker or addressee)
LAA.2B Third person dual possessive suffix: *laa(ua)
LAQAA-INA Exposed to sun, affected by sun
LAFI.2 Keep close to, shelter, hide
LAFO.1 Ceremonial presentation of wealth
LAFO.2 A throwing game played with discs
RAFO Rod or lath used in construction
LAFU.1 Group of animals or birds (Rby)
LAGA.1C Cultivate soil with a digging-stick (Rby)
LAGA.2 Plait (as a mat, basket): *(la)laga
LAGASAU Press on to a goal
LAGI-A Heat over fire to smoke, grill, roast (of food) or render supple (of leaves): *la(a)gi-a
LAKA.2 Sacred
LAKA-LAKA Walk with long strides, hurry
RAQA-KAU.A Tree, plant
LAAKEI Adorn, bedeck; ornament
LAKU.1 Throw away
LAKU.3 Carry or move many things; load or unload
RAQA-RAQA Branchy, having branches; small branches
LAMA.1 To watch for, to ambush
LAMA.2A Lamp-black, black dye, soot (Rby)

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