Reconstruction Level: PN - Polynesian

Reconstruction Description
MAFI Strong, powerful, energetic, hardworking
MA-FITI Make sudden movement, spring up
MA-FOA-ATA Dawn: *ma(a)foa(a)t(a)a
MAAFOA A tree: *ma(a)fo(a,e)
MA-FOHI Peeled, skinned
MA-FOLA Spread out flat (as mats, land etc.)
MA-FOLE.1 Peeled
MAFU.3 Stale
MA-FUA Seasonal food that attracts game; small fish preyed on by large fish
MA-FUKE Undone, opened, of a parcel (Ebt)
MA-FULI Upset, capsized
MA-FUTA Start up, arise
MA-FUTI Pulled out, plucked
MAGAA A fish
MAQAGA Mouthful of food
MAA-GALO.1 To be (almost) out of sight
MAAGALO.2 Palatable, sweet; fresh (water)
MAGA-WAI Tributary water-course
MAGEHO.A Itch(y), stinging; sexually titillated *ma(a)g(e,i)ho
MAGEHO.B A stinging plant: *ma(a)g(e,i)ho
MAAGELE.1 A tree (Trema sp.)
MA-AGI Be blown about by wind, float upwards/outwards
MA-GUGU Crunch, crush: *ma(a)gugu
MAA-HUQI Sprained, strained (of muscle, tendon), dislocated, separated
MAI.B Give me! (vt)
MAQAHI Salty, acid
MA-IKI Damaged, worn
MAILE A fragrant vine or shrub (Alyxia sp.)
MAAQI-MOA Observe, watch; spectator; something to look at (spectacle, freak)
MAKA.B Sling; to hurl with a sling; to throw
MA-KAKA Stiff, hard; obstinate, vigorous
MAKALA Crackle
MA-KALO Be briefly visible, appear then disappear, flash by
MAKAU.1 Bend, turn
MA-KEKE Strong
MA-KENU Marked, as of ground cut up by passing traffic
MAKI Sickness, illness; sore
MA-KILA To appear under special conditions (e.g. at a distance,intermittently): *ma(a)-kila
MAA-KONA.1 Satisfied after eating
MAKUKU.1 Sound of cracking, snapping (Ebt)
MAKULU To fall (of fruit)
MALA.1 Tree sp
MALA.2 Chip, splinter, fragment: *mala(mala)
MALA.3 Disaster, misfortune
MALA.4 Fish sp
MA-LAGA.1 Rise up
MA-LAGA.2 Travel, journey
MALA-QIA Unfortunate, ill-fated

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