Reconstruction Level: PN - Polynesian

Reconstruction Description
LAMA.2A Lamp-black, black dye, soot (Rby)
LAQOA To be choked
LAQOFIE Fine, of weather
LAPA.1B Flat and/or broad object (e.g. paddle blade, buttress root, coral head): *lapa(lapa)
LASI Numerous, large, great
LAATUQU Depart under particular circumstance
LAU.2A Speak formally; mention, enumerate, recite; count; read
LAU.2B Indefinite large number, countless
RAU.1 A kind of net made of coconut fronds
RAU.2 Hundred
RAQU Share (of feast) (Rby)
LAULAU Basket or leaves for serving or carrying food; to serve food
LAU-RIKI Narrow: *lau-(ri)riki
LAU-QULU Hair of head
LAU-MEA Gills of fish
LAU-PAPA Broad flat surface
LAU-PATA Tree sp. (Macaranga sp.) (Ebt)
LAA-TOU Third person plural pronoun (independent): *(ki)laa-tou
LAWA.3 Item of clothing, loincloth, skirt: *lawa(-lawa)
LAWE.2A Be caught, snagged (as fish on hook, hook on snag)
LAWE.2B Take, lay hold of
LAWE-A Wounded, injured
LAWEGA Fish sp
TE-QA A-class possessive particle, dominant.
LEA Speak
LEFE Fold or crease covering body orifice
REGA-REGA Yellow: *rega(-rega)
LEI.1 Whale tooth, whale ivory
LELE-A.2 To be driven away by wind
LENA.1 Stretch, draw taut
LENA.2 Wild yam sp (Dioscorea pentaphylla)
LEQO.2 Guard, look after
LEPE Smash, destroy
ALEALE.A Weak with hunger; nausea
LEWELEWE Cobweb, spider
LI-AKI Cast (as a line); throw away
LIFU Fearful
LIGO Calm, quiet
LIGO-LIGO An insect, cricket
LIKO.1 Dirty
LILA Thin, emaciated, sickly: *li(i)la(a)
LILI.1 To be angry
LILO Out of sight, lost, hidden
LINO Twist (as cord)
LIPI.1 Sharp edge, cutting edge, gash v

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