Reconstruction Level: PN - Polynesian

Reconstruction Description
LITO.2 Unexpanded leaf shoot: *lito~*tilo
LIU.1 Bilge of vessel, bilge-water
LIIWAI Urinate: *li(i)vai
LOO-QATA Large ant sp
LOFA.1 Bowed down (as with sorrow or fatigue)
LOFA.2 Extended, spread out (e.g.of a bird's wings)
LOFA.3 Sea bird sp., probably a petrel or shearwater (Clk)
ROFE Bend, droop (Rby)
LOFI Flood, flooded *lo-lofi, *loofi-a
LOGA Large group, many
LOGOAQA Noise, noisy, rumour (Clk)
LOHOLOHO Spadix of coconut palm; the many-branched stem on which the nuts form; spathe or sheath that encloses the spadix. *lo(h,s)olo(h,s)o
LOHU Fruit-plucking pole, hook something with a pole
LOHI Falsehood, lie; to lie, dissemble, deceive
LOQI Sea bass (Cephalopholis argus)
LOLO-QI.B Coconut cream; food prepared with coconut cream
LOLO.1A Coconut cream or oil
LOLOGA Section of long net
LOLOGO Sing, song
LOOMAKI.* Duck or dip under water: *lo(o)maki
LOMI Squeeze, press down upon, massage
LOTO.B Lagoon, pool
LOTO.C Heart, mind, feelings
LOTO-QAA Fenced enclosure, compound: *loto-qaa
LOTU.1 Prayer, worship (Christian)
LUU.1 Taro leaves as food
LUE.1 To shake, quake (of person or the earth); rock, sway
LUGA Above, top (locative noun)
LUKI Challenge
LUKU.B Carry in arms, especially a baby
RUKU Dive; submerge, immerse
LELU Disturbed
LULU.2 Tie together in a bundle
LUMA Ashamed, shy
LUPE.1 Pacific pigeon (Ducula pacifica)
LUPE.2 Shake
LUPO Fish sp. (Caranx sp.)
MA-.2 Prefix indicating the possibility of performing the action
MAA.2 Fermented food
MAQA.1 Clean, light-coloured
MAQA.2 Benefactive particle, for
MAE.1B Decaying, "off" or "high" (of animal food)
MAEA.1 Rope
MA-QENE Tickle: *ma-qene(-qene)
MA-FAQA.A Cracked, split; to crack open
MA-FAI Be able to do, possible
MAAFAQI A climbing or creeping plant sp, probably Luffa cylindrica
MA-FAKI Broken off, plucked, as fruit
MA-FELA Opened out, spread open

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