Reconstruction Level: PN - Polynesian

Reconstruction Description
GAO-HAQA Rough and stony of terrain or path
GA-OQI To move, be busy, active
GAOSI Make, do, deal with
GASE Tree sp
GAQESE Rustle: *gaqese~gaseqe~gasese
GAASOLO.A Move swiftly forward
GASUE To be in motion, active, busy: *ga(a)sue
GATA.3 Ended (of matters of concern, emotions)
GATAQA Difficult
GATAE Tree sp. (Erythrina indica [= variegata])
GATALA Fish spp.,(Epinephelus and Cephalopholis spp.)
GATALI Shake, vibrate
GATATA Rattle, jingle, rustle
GATETE Shake, tremble, be mobile: *gate(e)te(e)
GAQATI Empty container, such as a gourd, shell, husk, pod, skull
GATOLO.1 Creep
GATU.1 Barkcloth that has been used
GA-UE Shake, move
GAAWARI Weak, feeble; pliable, flexible
GEQE Obese
GETI.3 Tree sp. (perhaps Manilkara dissecta): *geti(i)
GIGILA Shine, glitter
GOGO.2 To suck liquid from a container
GOSE Soft, pliable, weak; gentle, agreeable
GOTO To be deep, sink
GUGU.1 Munch or crunch food
GUTU-KAO A porpoise or perhaps a shark
HAGA.2 Turn or face in a particular direction
HAGAI Face towards, be opposite
A-IA There it is!, that's it!; interjection of approval
HAKU Garfish (Belonidae)
HANAA There (near you)
HAPI Fish sp., Acanthurus guttatus, White-spotted surgeonfish
HAUKAFA Lash canoe
HEKE To mount, go on board, perch
HILA A term referring to some kinds of health problems
HOFI Desire, yearn for
HOKA.1 Rafter(s)
HOKO.1 Arrive at, reach; happen
HOKO.2 Hinge of bivalve
HOLI Desire, long for
HUU.1 Ask, enquire
HUQA To be rising or high (of the tide)
HULI.2* Shoot of a plant, sprout
HURU.B Enter into, possess (as a spirit does a person)
SALUFE Fern sp.: *(s,h)(a,u)(l,n)ufe

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