Reconstruction Level: PN - Polynesian

Reconstruction Description
FOLA-FOLA Announce, proclaim, say publicly
FORE Peel or strip (as skin or bark): *fo(r,l)e
FOLO Swallow, ingest
FONO.1B Washstrake or other plank for a canoe
FONO.3 Food served with kava
FOSA.1 Son
FOSA.2 Grow large tubers; form tubers
FOTA.1A Squeeze
TA-FOKI Turn back, turn round
FUU.1A Explosive noise of any kind
FUU.1B Clap hands together, making a hollow, explosive sound (Rby)
FUU.2A Secret, conceal: *(fu)fuu
FUA.1A Weigh, measure; size
FUA.3D Part of a clam; fish eggs, roe
FUA.5A Only, merely
FUAQA Jealous
FUAFUA.2A Pimple
FUAFUA.3 Young mullet or mullet-like fish sp (Rby)
FUATA.1A Shaft of a spear
FUA-TASA Only child
FUE.2 Fly whisk, fan
FUFU.3 Rough, troubled water
FUGOWAI.* Parent-in-law
FUHI.A Bunch or cluster; tie in a bunch
FUHI.B Be in a group; group (of animate beings); gather, assemble
FULI.2 All
FULI-TUQA Turn one's back on
FUNA.4 Moult
FUNE.1 Downy or furry; downy core of breadfruit
FUSI.2 Tie together
FUTA.2 To jump
GAA.2A Plural marker preposed to definite or specific nouns; reanalyzed as plural definite article in a number of languages
GAFI-GAFI Thin, worn (of cloth); a kind of mat
GAFUA Free, easy, permitted
GAAKAU Intestines
GAKO Fat (grease)
GALA Hoarse, snarl
GALI.1 Nibble, gnaw
GALI.2B Be likely, probable; better, preferable
GA-LUE Vibrate, shake, move to and fro
GARUE To work
GAALULU.A Shake, rattle, make noise
GANA.1 Bright
GANA.2A Make small noises, chatter
GAO.2 Depression, groove, engraved mark
GAOFE Curved, bent in curve
GAOFIE Easy; easily, without difficulty
GAOGAO Empty, deserted

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