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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Marquesas AN.MATUQA.A Madúa Fellow, whether used with affection, familiarity or contempt. A wife generally addresses her husband by this term.
Marquesas MP.MA-FANA Mahana; mehana (MQS) Chaleur; chaud; chauffer...
Marquesas MP.MA-FANA Maihánna Warm
Marquesas PN.MA-KAKA Makákka Affronting, troublesome, vexatious, provoking
Ifira-Mele CE.MATA-KAINAGA Màtíná A party, people, subjects, mankind
Marquesas CP.MASALO.A Mátta/matáo A thought; to think Problematic
Marquesas EP.MATA-POO Mattapó Blind
Marquesas PN.MATE-HOGE Matteóne Hungry
Marquesas PN.MATE.1E Ti matte A smooth sea
Marquesas PN.MATUKU.A Matúgu A shag, a sea bird
Marquesas MP.MOHE Móe To sleep; to be still; to remain
Marquesas CP.MOKO.2 Mógo To make a collection
Marquesas OC.MAATOLU Móto Thick; *ma* in a rough state
Marquesas EC.PA-LAFA Pa-áhha A kind of coffin, made by hollowing the trunk of a tree
Marquesas CE.PA-FORE Moa pahoé/hoé Non assez cuit (*ma*) Uncertain Semantic Connection
Marquesas OC.WELA.A Pavái-avái-a To smart
Marquesas XE.KIO.2 Pe/kkéyo A male attendant, attached to a single or married woman, and cohabiting with her
New Zealand Maori PN.POO.1B Poo In speaking of the passage of time, so many *days*: poo whitu, seven days
Rennellese PN.POO.1B Poo hia? How many days?
Rarotongan CE.POO.1C Poo Days of yore, the distant past: mei poo mai, from long, long ago Uncertain Semantic Connection
Marquesas PN.POO.1B Po héa How many days
Ifira-Mele PN.POO.1B Poo- Prefix to numerals: in (so many) days, (so many) days from now (in the future): pootoru, three days from now
Marquesas NP.POKO-POKO Poko/póko, po/pó For a woman to arrive at the age of maturity
Marquesas NP.POKO-POKO Poko/áihhu A young woman who has not borne a child Problematic
Marquesas EP.PAKA.1B Pukka/púkka Small bits
Marquesas CE.TEKA.2A Tàika A strong reed used as a dart for amusement; to miss a mark
Marquesas NP.TAMA-QA-LOA Tama-óa A son
Marquesas CP.TAGI.B Táne To make any sort of noises; the noise
Marquesas MQ.TAU.13 Táou To carry a person, or to be carried, on a man's back
Marquesas PN.TAPU-WAQE Tappuwí The foot, the sole, footmarks, stilts
Marquesas CE.TEA-TEA Teiatéia Animal seed
Marquesas CE.TEINA.* Téina Man's younger brother, woman's younger sister
Marquesas CC.TOFE.2 Te/tóhhe The rump; an ornament of human hair worn above the rump
Marquesas OC.TIPI.1A Tibbe tibbé/ya It is cut small
Marquesas CE.TIKI.1 Tée, tigge Punctures; figures, images
Marquesas EP.TINI.1B Tínne 80,000 of breadfruit, 20,000 of other matters (THT); 40,000 [Nukuhiva Dialect]. Also used at both places for a large indefinite number.
Marquesas PN.TOQA Tóa The males of beasts; valiant; the chief warrior
Marquesas PN.TOLE Tó-e The female genital parts of mankind or beasts
Marquesas MQ.TOKETE.* Toétte, togette (NKH) A brother by marriage
Marquesas CE.POOTIKI.A Toígge A male child, or boy, implying inferiority to a man
Vaeakau-Taumako MQ.TOO.1C Thoo (trans. tho/kia) Build (basic meaning is to make holes for the house posts)
Marquesas OC.TAQU.1 Tou/hó A small crop of breadfruit, or the season succeeding the *méie núe*
Takuu PN.TAU-.14 Tau/rima Constellation of five stars within Corvus...
Anuta PN.TUQA-A-MATA Tuaamata Eyebrow, eyelid
Samoan PN.TUQA-A-MATA Tuaamata Eyelid. Eyebrow (Mnr). Upper eyelid (McP).
Tongan PN.TUQA-A-MATA Tuʔamata, tuʔo/tuʔamata Eyelid, esp. the back or higher part
East Futuna PN.TUQA-A-MATA Tuʔaa mata Arcade sourcilière
Marquesas EC.TUU-TAQE.* Tutí Animal dung; also an expression of contempt or abhorrence, and jeeringly applied to a person, as if implying some affinity
Tokelau PN.TUQA-A-MATA Tuaamata [= tukemata] Eyebrow
East Uvea PN.TUQA-A-MATA Tuʔa mata Sourcil