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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Vaeakau-Taumako OC.HAKE.B Ake Postnuclear, mostly clitic, directional particle indicating direction upwards, towards land, up on shore or expressing respect
Niue PN.HAKE.A Hake To go up, climb; to go north or east; to take up, bring up; to land from a vessel
Rarotongan OC.HAKE.B Ake Up, upwards
Rennellese OC.HAKE.B Ake Direction upwards, inland, towards shore
Sikaiana OC.HAKE.B Ake Direction particle upwards
Takuu OC.HAKE.B Ake Post-verbal particle indicating lateral movement
Tikopia OC.HAKE.B Aake Directional particle, upwards
Tokelau OC.HAKE.B Ake Post-verbal directional particle; upwards, inland, away (in same direction as speaker)
Tongan OC.HAKE.B Hake Postposed particle, up, upwards
New Zealand Maori PN.HAKE.A Ake Go
West Futuna OC.HAKE.B Ake Up, upwards
Tikopia PN.HAKE.A Ake/ake Come up (commonly from sea or beach)
Anuta PN.HAKE.A Ake(ake) To ascend
Tikopia NP.AKILI Akiiri Take out, of basket etc.
Samoan PN.MO-QI Moi/moi Small fishes left in a net after the large ones are taken out
Manihiki-Rakahanga PN.LOTO.B Roto Lake
Nukuoro PN.HANAA Anaa Those away from speaker
Vaeakau-Taumako MP.HIKO-FI Ikohi/a Take things with tongs, especially used about taking warm stones out of the oven with tongs
Rotuman PN.HIGOA Sigoa Namesake, person of same name
Tikopia PN.HIGOA Ingoa Name, namesake
Tokelau PN.HOKO.1 Oko Arrive, reach; be on, happen, eventuate, take place
Tongan PN.HOKO.1 Hoko To arrive (especially of time); happen, occur, take place...
Mangareva FJ.OLO.3 Oro To rub, to make friction, to whet
Penrhyn FJ.OLO.3 Oro(oro) Rub; scrub, grate, make fire
Samoan FJ.OLO.3 Olo Grate, grind, rub , rub, make smooth
Niue FJ.OLO.3 Olo To rub, to make something smooth; plane (n), to plane Borrowed
Tongan PN.HUU.1 Hu/huu Inquire, make inquiries
East Futuna EO.HUQI.1 ʔUi Pay a debt, settle an account; take off (a garment)
New Zealand Maori EO.HUQI.1 Hui-a Take off (e.g. a shirt)
Nggela EO.HUQI.1 Hui Take down from or off, as off a peg on wall; to unclothe; take hook from mouth of fish; make money payment; redeem, ransom; give one's life for another
Luangiua EO.HUQI.1 ʔUi Take off
Rennellese EO.HUQI.1 ʔUi Take canoe out to sea; extract Pandanus keys; take off (e.g. shirt); unlash (e.g. sail); free oneself from
Rotuman EO.HUQI.1 Sui Unloose, undo, untie, unbind; disentangle; take off clothes
Samoan EO.HUQI.1 Ui Take down, take off (something hanging); free from restriction or taboo
Tokelau EO.HUQI.1 Ui Lift off (something hanging), take off clothes, cut down bunch of Pandanus fruit
Tongan EO.HUQI.1 Huʔi Detach, take off, slip off; pick by the bunch; cast off, give up (bad habits etc.)
Vaeakau-Taumako PN.KAA-FAKI Kahaki/na Carry away, take away
Tahitian PN.KAAIGA.A Aia A country or place where one makes his abode; inheritance, portion of land
Tongan PN.KALO.1 Kalo Nod sideways, move the head to one side to dodge something; shirk, dodge the issue, make excuses
Moriori OC.KAAKAA.1A Kaka/riki Parakeet
Tahitian OC.KAAKAA.1A Aʔa/taevao Parakeet (Cyanorhampus zelandicus)
Anuta PN.KAKE Kake Climb
East Futuna PN.KAKE Kake Monter, grimper
East Uvea PN.KAKE Kake Climb
New Zealand Maori PN.KAKE Kake-a Climb, tree, hill (esp. northern dialects)
Emae PN.KAKE Kake Grimper sur un arbre
Ifira-Mele PN.KAKE Kake Climb
Moriori PN.KAKE Kake Ascend. Sloping
Marquesas PN.KAKE Kake Aller, monter dans la vallée
Mangareva PN.KAKE Kake Ecueil, roche à fleur d'eau; toucher à un écueil; successeur, suivre, suivant, qui vient après; arrivée par bande des poissons de la haute mer sur le rivage pour y déposer leurs oeufs. Following, that which comes after; a successor; a reef, a rock level with the water; awash; the arrival of shoals of fish on the high tide to deposit their spawn at low tide; to strike on an ocean reef (Tgr). Uncertain Semantic Connection