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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Samoan OC.A I/aa/ Particle which takes the place of /i/ before proper bases and pronouns
Tahitian OC.A I/aa Marque du complément (devant les pronoms et noms propres)
New Zealand Maori PN.AA- -Aa- In the manner of
Moriori PN.AA- Aa Connective
Niue PN.AA- -Aa- Like, as, after the manner of
Easter Island AN.QAA.1 Aa Surround
East Futuna AN.QAA.1 ʔAa Fence of stone, logs etc.
East Uvea AN.QAA.1 ʔAa Palisade
New Zealand Maori AN.QAA.1 W/aa/waa Palisade
Mangareva AN.QAA.1 ʔAa Enclos, endroit
Rennellese AN.QAA.1 ʔAa Wall, fence, enclosure, surround v
Samoan AN.QAA.1 Aa/i Fence in, fence n.
Tongan AN.QAA.1 ʔAa Fence, wall, enclosure
West Uvea AN.QAA.1 Aa Palissade, cloture
Tongan PN.QAA-.2 ʔA/hoʔataa At noon today (said in the morning)
New Zealand Maori NP.AE Aae Yes, agree, consent
Rarotongan NP.AE Aae Yes
Hawaiian PN.QAQEWA Aaewa Sway, as a branch or sea-eddy
Samoan PN.QAA-NEI ʔAanei It is likely; may, I fear that; it is about, more or less Uncertain Semantic Connection
Anuta MP.AFAA Apaa Storm, big wind
East Futuna MP.AFAA Afaa Storm, hurricane
East Uvea MP.AFAA Afaa Storm, hurricane
Fijian MP.AFAA C/avaa/ Storm, hurricane
Emae MP.AFAA Afaa Hurricane
New Zealand Maori MP.AFAA Aawhaa Storm, hurricane Problematic
Niue MP.AFAA Afaa Storm, hurricane, gale
Rarotongan MP.AFAA Aa Storm, hurricane Problematic
Rarotongan MP.AFAA ʔAaʔaa matagi Meaning uncertain, but referred to bad weather(Mka.) Problematic
Rennellese MP.AFAA Ahaa Storm, hurricane
Samoan MP.AFAA Afaa Storm, hurricane
Sikaiana MP.AFAA Ahaa Storm, hurricane
Tikopia MP.AFAA Afaa Storm, hurricane, tropical cyclone
Tokelau MP.AFAA Afaa Storm, hurricane
Tongan MP.AFAA Afaa Storm, hurricane
Tuamotu MP.AFAA Aafaa Break forth violently (as a storm) Problematic
West Uvea MP.AFAA Afaa Tempête, cyclone
Waya MP.AFAA Cavaa A storm, a gale accompanied by rain
Pukapuka PN.QASA-GA.A Aayanga Name for the unbroken stretch of built-up reef on eastern (windward) side of atoll, stretching between motu (islets)
Pukapuka PN.QASA-GA.A Aayanga Name for the whole barrier reef, considered as a reef
Tokelau PN.QASA-GA.A Aahaga Reef space between two islets on an atoll
Samoan PN.QASA-GA.A Aasaga Ford or fording place
New Zealand Maori MP.QAFATO Aawhato, aawheto Large caterpillar, larva of (Sphinx convolvuli)
East Futuna PN.QAA-FEA Aafea When? (future)
Hawaiian PN.QAA-FEA Aahea When (in the future, interrogative)
Emae PN.QAA-FEA Aafee When? (future)
New Zealand Maori PN.QAA-FEA Aawhea When (future interrogative)
Ifira-Mele PN.QAA-FEA Aafea When? (future)
Nukuoro PN.QAA-FEA Aahee. Ahea (Crn). When? (indefinite future)
Penrhyn PN.QAA-FEA Aahea When in the future
East Uvea PN.QAA-NEI Aanai Dans un instant, tout à l'heure