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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
New Zealand Maori OC.QALO.2 Aro/aro/faki A motion of hands in dance
East Futuna OC.FAKI Faki Pick fruit
Niue OC.FAKI Faki To pull out, tear out; pick. To pluck (as fruit) (McE).
Vaeakau-Taumako OC.FAKI Faki(a) Pick (nuts, breadfruit, etc.)
Takuu OC.FAKI Faki Knock down fruit, pick fruit
Tikopia OC.FAKI Faki To gather (breadfruit, etc.)
Tongan OC.FAKI Faki Pick, pluck, especially banana, coconut
West Uvea OC.FAKI Fakii-a Cueillir (fruits)
West Futuna OC.FAKI Faki/a Pluck out one by one
East Uvea PN.KAA-FAKI Kafaki Cueillir un fruit a la main sans le jeter a terre
Tongan PN.KAA-FAKI Kaafaki To climb carrying something
East Futuna PN.MA-FAKI Mafaki Broke off, plucked (of banana, breadfruit etc.)
East Uvea PN.MA-FAKI Mafaki Rompu
Ifira-Mele PN.MA-FAKI Mafaki Fall off
Niue PN.MA-FAKI Mafaki To drop off as fruit from tree
Tikopia PN.MA-FAKI Mafaki Plucked
Tongan PN.MA-FAKI Mafaki To fall from the bunch of its own accord
West Uvea PN.MA-FAKI Mafaki Brisé, cassé
West Futuna OC.FAKI Faki/a To wean
East Futuna PN.QARA-FAKI ʔAlafaki Rester éveillé en surveillant un mourant
Tongan PN.QARA-FAKI ʔAafaki To keep watch beside a corpse; to keep someone awake; to prepare and light up a native oven immediately on waking. Veiller; (cuisine) que l'on fait avant jour (Btn).
Tokelau PN.QARA-FAKI Alafaki (of next day) Dawn, arrive
East Uvea PN.QARA-FAKI ʔAlafaki Veiller
Tokelau OC.FAKI Faki Break off, pluck, snap off; (of tooth) pull out, extract
Tokelau PN.MA-FAKI Mafaki Be broken off
Tongan FJ.HILI Hili/faki To place, lay upon; lay, impose or inflict (duties, responsibilities, punishment)
Tongan FJ.HILI Hili/fakia To be caught or stranded on top of something (e.g. ball in roof-gutter, falling fruit caught in branches)
Niue FJ.HILI Hili/faki To place or store carefully (traditionally by hanging in elevated places)
East Uvea FJ.HILI Hili/faki Etre accroché (à un clou, e.g.)
Tongan CP.AO.1 Ao/faki Comprehensive, all-inclusive... Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tikopia NP.TAKA.2A Taka/faki Stamp on; stamp down; tread down
East Uvea PN.QARA-FAKI ʔAlafaki te ʔumu Préparer des vivres avant le jour
Tuvalu CP.AO.1 Ao/faki Total
Tuvalu OC.FAKI Faki Pull off coconuts
Tuvalu PN.MA-FAKI Mafaki Fallen, broken off
Tuvalu PN.QARA-FAKI Alafaki To sit up (without sleep), wait up at night
Tuvalu CP.AO.1 Ao/faki Gather things into a pile