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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Niue PN.GA-LUE Malue/lue Unstable, loose (as a post in the ground) Phonologically Irregular
Sikaiana PN.MAKULU Maluku (of ripe fruit) To fall Phonologically Irregular
Tongan MP.MALU.A Ma/malu (Darkness) just coming on, in the twilight stage
Luangiua MP.MALU.A Haamalu/malu Umbrellas of pandanus
East Futuna MP.MALU.A Malu Ombre; tomber, tombée (de la nuit)
East Futuna MP.MALU.A Malu/malu Etre à l'ombre
East Uvea MP.MALU.A Maluu (sic) Ombre, ombrage
Fijian MP.MALU.A Malu/malu Shady; shade
Hawaiian MP.MALU.A Malu Shade, shelter, protection; shaded, peaceful, protected by taboo; the stillness and awe of taboo
Kapingamarangi MP.MALU.A Malu Shadow, shade, shelter
Niue MP.MALU.A Malu Shaded, sheltered
Nukuoro MP.MALU.A Malu Shade
Luangiua MP.MALU.A Malu Shade
Vaeakau-Taumako MP.MALU.A Malu Shelter, cove; be safe, take shelter (under a tree or house etc.)
Vaeakau-Taumako MP.MALU.A Malu/ao Cloud
Vaeakau-Taumako MP.MALU.A Ma/malu [NUP], malu/nga [VAE,TAU] Shade, shelter (n)
Pukapuka MP.MALU.A Malu Shade, shadow
Rotuman MP.MALU.A Malu Shade, shelter
Sa'a MP.MALU.A Malu Shade
Samoan MP.MALU.A Malu Shelter, take shelter; watertight, proof against rain ; grow dark; shaded
Tokelau MP.MALU.A Malu Shelter, cover, protector (from weather, violation etc.); watertight; be shady
Tongan MP.MALU.A Malu Shaded, sheltered; shade, shadow
West Uvea MP.MALU.A Malu Ombre, ombrage
West Uvea MP.MALU.A Malu/malu Abri du soleil; parapluie
Waya MP.MALU.A Ma/malu Shade
East Futuna FJ.MALU.B Malu Qui ne coule pas, qui ne répand pas; qui ne fait pas d'eau (se dit d'un contenant, d'une pirogue, d'un navire, d'une embarcation)
East Uvea FJ.MALU.B Maluu (sic) Imperméable, hermétiquement clos, qui ne laisse pas passer l'eau
Fijian FJ.MALU.B Malu Tight, waterproof (of thatch)
Pukapuka FJ.MALU.B Malu Watertight, not leaky
Samoan FJ.MALU.B Malu Watertight, proof against rain
Tokelau FJ.MALU.B Malu Watertight
Tongan FJ.MALU.B Malu Watertight; kept (of tapu); deaf; unable to defecate
East Futuna PN.MALU.C Maluʔi Proteger (transitif), etre protégé
East Uvea PN.MALU.C Maluu (sic): Etre respecté, obéi, vénéré Problematic
Hawaiian PN.MALU.C Malu Control, strength; protection; protected by taboo; the stillness and awe of taboo
Pukapuka PN.MALU.C Malumalu Protection of chief
Tokelau PN.MALU.C Malu Shelter, cover, protector (from weather, violation etc.)
Tongan PN.MALU.C Malu/ʔi Protect, defend
East Futuna MP.MALUU.A Maluu/luu Mou
Fijian MP.MALUU.A Malumu Soft; weak, faint, sick
Kapingamarangi MP.MALUU.A Maluu Soft
Kapingamarangi PN.MAALUU.2 Maluu Free (to converse) Uncertain Semantic Connection
Nukuoro MP.MALUU.A Maluu Soft
Vaeakau-Taumako MP.MALUU.A Maluu Soft
Vaeakau-Taumako MP.MALUU.A Meluu, maluu [TAU,NUP] Soft, ripe
Pukapuka MP.MALUU.A Maluu Weak
Samoan MP.MALUU.A Maluu Soft (of a substance), bass (of voice)
Kapingamarangi MP.MALUU.A Maluu/luu Flexible, slack, flaccid
Sikaiana MP.MALUU.A Maluu Soft
Tikopia MP.MALUU.A Maluuluu Soft, weak, flabby; weary Problematic