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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Rennellese SO.QANU.2 ʔAnu Dance v.; soar or hover, as birds
Rennellese SO.EVA Eba Soar
Nukuoro PN.FISO-QA Hiisoa Cassytha filiformis Uncertain Semantic Connection
Samoan PN.FISO-QA Fiisoa Liane (Colubrina sp.) . Soap bush (Colubrina asiatica)...leaves formerly used as soap for washing the hair .
Tikopia PN.FISO-QA Fisoa (Colubrina asiatica)
Rotuman PN.FOO.2A Foo Sponge or mop up, soak up Borrowed
Rotuman AN.SUU.1 Suu Soak in, dissolve
East Futuna PN.KASOA Kasoa Necklace
Emae PN.KASOA Kasoa Collier, pendentif en dent de cochon
Ifira-Mele PN.KASOA Kasoa Necklace
Samoan PN.KASOA ʔAsoa Necklace
Tikopia PN.KASOA Kasoa Necklace, necklet of leaf or flowers, neck pendant
Tongan PN.KOA.3 Koa Scum froth, foam, lather; soap
Marquesas FJ.LOLO-QI.A Pá-e óeóe A cap of cloth besmeared with or soaked in cocoa-nut oil
Nuguria OC.LELE.A Ele Fly (v), soar
Rennellese NP.LEWA.1 Geba Soar, fly evenly, as flying fish or plane
Nukuoro PN.MA-AGI Maangi Soar/glide in air
Tongan MP.MAMA.2 Mama, maa To chew, esp. kava...or candlenuts (preparatory to using them as soap), or food which, after being chewed, is to be fed to a baby
Rennellese AN.MA-QANU Maʔa Float, drift, soar Problematic
Samoan PN.MAASOAQA Maasoaa Arrowroot (Tacca pinnatifida)
Tikopia PN.MAASOAQA Masoaa Polynesian Arrowroot, (Tacca pinnatifida)
Niue AN.MOLI.1 Moli Citrus, orange; soap
Samoan AN.MOLI.1 Moli Wild orange; soap (so-called because the orange is used for soap) >
Marquesas CP.NIFA.2 Nifa (Sardinella marquisensis). Poisson-savon; soapfish (Fatu Hiva) (Atl).
Rennellese PN.PALA.1A Paga/paga Soft, as spoiled baked fish, soaked geemugi nuts
Luangiua SO.PIA.2B Piia Foam from soap
Rennellese MP.PISI.1 Pisi/kia Be drenched, soaked; to wet, soak, splash; to receive a spurt of a liquis, as lime juice, in the eye; to cry, of eyes filled with onion scent
Nukuoro PN.PUI.A Bui/bui Keep in (e.g. pigs); keep out (e.g. wind); soak (in water)
Hawaiian OC.PULU.3 Pulu Soaked
New Zealand Maori OC.PULU.3 Puru Prepare fern-root by soaking in water; fusty, mouldy; pulp
Mangareva OC.PULU.3 Puru Soaked (I)
Tuamotu OC.PULU.3 Puru Soaked
Penrhyn MP.PUSA.2 Pua Soap, to wash Borrowed
Rarotongan MP.PUSA.2 Puʔa Soap; a soft white coral
Mota EC.SALE Sale float, drift, soar with open wings. Problematic
Rennellese XO.SAWA.2 Saba To swing taut arms as in a dance; to soar, as frigate birds; have fins stretched taut, as sharks
Luangiua CP.SOA Soa a vaʔa Crew
East Futuna CP.SOA Soa Friend, couple, pair
East Futuna CP.SOA Kau/soa/ Friend (I)
Emae CP.SOA Soa Friend
Nuguria CP.SOA Hai/soa Friend
Nukumanu CP.SOA Soa Friend
Nukuoro CP.SOA Soa Friend
Luangiua CP.SOA Soa Friend
Luangiua CP.SOA Haa/soa Mix Problematic
Penrhyn CP.SOA Soa Friend
Vaeakau-Taumako CP.SOA Soa Friend, brother [term of address] Borrowed
Rennellese CP.SOA Soa Companion
Rotuman CP.SOA Soa Pair
Samoan CP.SOA Soa Friend