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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Mangareva CE.AUTE Eute Papyrus poussant sans culture. Plante dont l'écorce fournit les fibres pour la fabrication du tapa (Broussonetia papyrifera, Moracées); la plante cultivé est appelé puri (Rch).
Rapa CE.AUTE Aute Bush, used for making tapa, Broussonetia papyrifera
Tahitian CE.AUTE ʔAute Broussonetia papyrifera dont on faisait un 'tapa' brun
Anuta PN.FATA-FATA Patapata Chest
Rennellese PN.FAQU.2 Haʔu Tapa turban; head lei; halo; crown
East Uvea PN.FESI.1 Fesi Tree from which tapa-cloth beaters made. Probably Intsia bijuga
Mangareva OC.FOA.A Ta/oʔa/ Battre l'écorce du murier pour en faire du tapa Problematic
Tongan OC.GAFA Ngafa Share of work, length or section of tapa cloth
Mangareva PN.GAO.2 Gao. Gaʔo (Rch). Grooves in a tapa-cloth mallet and marks left by same on the cloth. Entailles allongées du maillet (ike) qui sert à battre le papyrus pour fabriquer le tapa; envers d'une étoffe, d'une couture; ligne, marque, signe
Rarotongan PN.GAO.2 Ngao Grooves of a mallet and marks of the mallet left on tapa cloth
Tahitian PN.GA-UE ʔAue Tumulte, tapage
Hawaiian MQ.GUGU.3 Nunu Swathe or roll up, as an article in tapa; fold, bind
Hawaiian CE.HIRI.1 Hili Bark used in dyeing...; the dark-brown dye made from this bark; a tapa dyed with it; to dye with such bark.
Rennellese MP.KAFU.A Kahu Wide tapa, blanket
Niue OC.KAPA-KAPA.A Kapa(kapa), tapa(tapa) Flap wings, flutter
Niue PN.KAPA-KAU Tapakau. Kapakau (Lws). Wing (of any flying thing). Fin of a fish (McE). Phonologically Irregular
Anuta PN.KATAFA.B Katapa A kind of plant; leaves used to cover food in earth oven (Asplenium nidus)
Anuta PN.KATAFA.B Rau katapa (Asplenium nidus)
Tahitian FJ.KAUTE ʔAute Hibiscus (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis), autrefois (Broussonetia papyrifera) dont on faisait un tapa brun
Hawaiian PN.KOLOA ʔOloa Fine white tapa
Rennellese PN.KOLOA Kogoa Tapa cloth
New Zealand Maori CE.KOO-PATAPATA Koopatapata Spotted, freckled, falling in drops
Penrhyn CE.KOO-PATAPATA Koopatapata Spotted
Tahitian CE.KOO-PATAPATA ʔOopatapata Tacheté
Rennellese NP.KOPE Kope Objects slept on, esp. baghu mats, tapa, sheets, pillow
Hawaiian CE.KUKA.2 ʔUʔa Worn out, coarse mat or tapa, useless, unattractive
West Uvea PN.TAPA.3 Tapa/tapa Scintillant, étincelant, éblouissant
Easter Island EP.KUME.1 Kume Pull out, extract. Desatornillar, desempaquetar, desenredar, desenvolver, deshacer (un enredo, un paquete), destapar, extraer, sacar. Disentangle, draw out, open, undo, unwrap, unscrew (Fts).
Tongan PN.KUPETI Kupesi Stencil-like contrivance used in making patterns on tapa cloth
East Futuna MP.IKE Ike Tapa-cloth beater
East Uvea MP.IKE Ike Tapa-cloth beater
Fijian MP.IKE Ike Tapa beater
Hawaiian MP.IKE Iʔe Tapa beater
Mangareva MP.IKE Ike Tapa-cloth beater. Maillet pour battre les fibres de l'écorce de l'eute dans la fabrication du tapa
Rapa MP.IKE Ike Tapa mallet
Rarotongan MP.IKE Ike Tapa beater
Rennellese MP.IKE G/ike/ Tapa beater Phonologically Irregular
Samoan MP.IKE Iʔe Tapa beater
Tongan MP.IKE Ike Tapa beater
Tuamotu MP.IKE Ike Tapa beater
Samoan SO.LAFI.3 Lafi Sheet of tapa cloth (Buck 1930:291)
Tikopia SO.LAFI.3 Rafi Tapa cloth headband
East Uvea PN.LAWA.3 Lava Ceinture en cuir ou en tapa que l'on met on bandouliere comme l'etole du diacre
East Futuna PN.LENA.1 Le/lena Etre étendu au soleil (natte, tapa)
East Futuna CP.LEU-LEU Leuleu Couverture en siapo, en tapa, pour le lit, pour s'habiller
Rennellese CP.LEU-LEU Geugeu Portion of tapa or cloth used for burning treatment of the sick
Tongan CP.LEU-LEU Leuleu Soft and limp through long use (of tapa cloth) Problematic
Rennellese ??.LIPI.2 Gipi/gipi Fold, as a mat, tapa etc.
East Futuna PN.LOGOAQA Logoaa What a noise! ; bruit importun, tapage, vacarme
East Uvea PN.LOGOAQA Logoaʔa Bruit importun. Tapage. Vacarme