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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Samoan NP.FAITITILI.* Faaititili (n), faititili (v) Thunder
Tokelau NP.FAITITILI.* Faaititili Thunder
West Uvea EO.FAKA-.1 Faga- Préfix verbale à valeur causative/factitive
Tongan PN.FANAGA Fananga Fictitious fable or story, fairytale
Emae NP.FATITILI.* Fatitiri Thunder
New Zealand Maori NP.FATITILI.* Whatitiri Thunder
Penrhyn NP.FATITILI.* Haatitiri Thunder
Pukapuka NP.FATITILI.* Watitili Thunder
Tikopia NP.FATITILI.* Fatitiri Thunder
Tuamotu NP.FATITILI.* Fatitiri Thunder
West Uvea NP.FATITILI.* Fatitili (1850)
Samoan PN.FATU.1B Fatu Compose a song; raise a false report; commence plaiting; make a *titi*
Rennellese CO.FE-FOKI-SAKI Hehoki/hoki/saki (plural) To go or come back and forth, as a ship; to be repetitive, as a chant
Samoan PN.FOO.2A Foo/maʔi Doctor, assistant medical practitioner
Pukapuka PN.FORE Wole Payment for losing a competition Uncertain Semantic Connection
Marquesas CE.GAA.2B Na Partitif, marque du pluriel en petite quantité. Article: dual/paucal definite (Mtu).
Kapingamarangi PN.GALI.1 N/ngali/ To eat by repetitive small bites
East Futuna TO.GINI Gini/gini Filtre végétal: petiti panier tressé spécialement pour filtrer les fleurs odoriférantes mélangées au jus de coco.... Uncertain Semantic Connection
Marquesas CE.KAI-UU Kaiu Petit d'un animal, petiti cochon qui tette encore, cochon de lait. Petit, small (pour les personnes et les choses) [Northwest Marquesan Dialect] (Atl).
Penrhyn PN.KEA.1 Kea Kind of disease; stomatitis, thrush
Tikopia RO.KOLILI Kolili Common sandpiper (Actitis hypoleucos) Borrowed
Rennellese PN.LAKU.3 Gaku Be abundant, plentiful; bring or collect in great quantities; gather together, as crowds of people
Hawaiian PN.MAGEHO.A Maneʔo Itch, itchy, smart, sexually titillated Phonologically Irregular
Marquesas PN.MAGEHO.A Makeo/keo (MQN), maneo/neo (MQS) Chatouiller, titiller
Rennellese PN.MAGEHO.A Mangeo Itch, sore; be sexually titillated
Pukapuka OC.MALAQE Malae Open space used for sports competitions ; ceremonial area
Tongan PN.NIMO.1 Ma/nimo Secret, underhand, surreptitious
Easter Island EP.NOQI.* No/noʔi Petition, request; to ask, beg, implore, pray, solicit, supplicate
Marquesas EP.NOQI.* (No)noʔí (MQS, Ua Pou) Demander, solliciter, mendier. Pétitionner (Lch). Phonologically Irregular
Rarotongan CE.PAA-RURU Paaruru Curtain, screen, partition
Rarotongan NP.PATI.2 Pati-a, -ʔia Ask, petition, beg
Penrhyn TA.PAA-TITI Paatiti Drive (nail)
Rarotongan TA.PAA-TITI Paatiti-a, -ʔia Drive in (a nail, stake, peg)
Tahitian TA.PAA-TITI Paatiti Clouer, enfoncer à coup de marteau
Tuamotu TA.PAA-TITI Paatiti Drive in a nail
Tuamotu EP.PISA.* Piha Room, partitioned place; cunnus
Niue PN.PUNI.1A Pu/puni/ Enclose, shut in. Block up, cover up, partition (Sph).
Marquesas PN.SAFOLE Hohoʔe Kuhlia sp. Kuhlia mugil (Hiva Oa) (Atl). Kuhlia petiti (Bct).
Rarotongan EC.SEI.2 ʔEi Preposition. 1. refers to future time or subsequent state; usually optative, purposive or factitive. 2. Before nouns, but with no determiner intervening; (to serve as), for (the purpose of)
Fijian OC.SOFA Sova-raka Pour out liquids in large quantities
Fijian PN.SOLO.4 Soro/a Grouped together, in quantities
Tikopia PN.SOLO.4 Soro Persist; importune; frequent; follow in sequence; crowd around; and other abstract terms indicating iteration, repetition of behaviour; continually, persistently
East Futuna FJ.SOSAQA Sosaʔa Troubled by, sick of . Etre fréquent; indisposer (par la répétition de qqch.); exagérer; etre pénible; sans arrêt, trop (postverbe).
Niue PN.GATETE Gatiti Jingling sound. Jingle, rattle (McE). Problematic
Sikaiana SO.TAAFAO.B Taahao Play, as in playing games; sing and dance at festivities; make a series of competitive exchanges...
Mangaia CE.TAINOKA Titi tai (Cassytha filiformis) Problematic
Rarotongan CE.TAINOKA Tainoka An indigenous, leafless, parasitic vine (Cassytha filiformis). Headbands (titi) are fashioned from it by children
Fijian CE.TII.4 Titi Flow gently, ooze (as gum from a tree) Problematic
New Zealand Maori OC.TIFA.1A Titiwha Show out, gleam
Rennellese NP.TIKO.B Titiko Menses Problematic