#99: Other Tools, Weapons and Materials.

Reconstruction Description
AMA Turmeric used as a cosmetic and sun-screen
FAGU.1 Wax gourd (Benincasa hispida); gourd container
FAQO.1A Peg used for fastening, wooden nail
FAU.B Bark of hibiscus tiliaceus used for various purposes
FENUA.*D Cannon (when qualifying the word for gun)
FOQAGA.* Abrasive stone, grindstone: *fo(q)(o)anga
FUATA.1A Shaft of a spear
FUE.2 Fly whisk, fan
FUQAGA Whetstone, grindstone
GAA-IPU Coconut shell container
HAU Needle; tattooing needle
IHE Spear, dart
IKU.2 File, rasp
IPU Container for liquid
IRI.A Fan (n)
KAAPUA Shaft of spear, handle
KAFA-GA Loop of coconut fibre around the feet used for climbing coconut trees: *ka(a)fa9a
KALOLO Bowstring; taut (as a bowstring, stay in rigging)
KAPIA Lime, calcium carbonate
KAPU.1A Cup-like container
KAU-FANA Bow (the weapon)
KAU-LAMA Dried coconut leaves used as torch
KAU-MAFUTE Paper Mulberry stick stripped of bark: *(kau-)mafute
KAU-TAA Small wooden implement, probably drum-stick
KAWE-GA Load, burden
KAWEI Carrying cord, handle: *ka(a)wei
KILI.2 Saw, file, rasp
KINA.2 Bevelled edge of a blade (Rby)
KOFE.B Artefact of bamboo
KOHO Digging stick, husking stake: *ko(h,s)o
KOMA.1 A type of adze
KOO-PANI A cover or stopper
KUA.2 Shell money
LAGAI Raft, float
LAMA.2A Lamp-black, black dye, soot (Rby)
LASE Lime (coral)
LEI.1 Whale tooth, whale ivory
LOHU Fruit-plucking pole, hook something with a pole
LOLO.1A Coconut cream or oil
MA-TILA Bamboo; bamboo fishing rod; bamboo knife
MAASIMA Salt: *maa(s,t)ima
MAKA.B Sling; to hurl with a sling; to throw
MASAFU Weapon (Rby)
MATAU.A Axe: *mata(q)u
MATAU.B Tattooing chisel: *mata(a)u
MOA.4B Whipping or spinning top
MOARI Swing n: *mo(o)ari
MOOLII Oil, lamp

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