#21: Carrying.

Reconstruction Description
APAI.2 Lift, carry on arms or hands
FAFA.1 Carry on back
FUA.1B Carry on shoulder
KAA-FAKI Carry something away
KAU-MAI Give, bring (to speaker)
KAU-QAMO Shoulder carrying pole
KAV-AGE Give, take, send (to third person)
KAV-AKE Give, take (up, away)
KAV-ATU Give, take (to hearer)
KAWE.2A To carry something
LAKU.3 Carry or move many things; load or unload
LUKU.B Carry in arms, especially a baby
NEVE Carry on back with straps
QAFI Hold or carry under the arm
QAI.1 Place, deposit, leave
QAMO Carry on shoulders: *(ha)qamo
QAMO-GA Load, burden: (ha)amo-ga
QAU-HAKE Take up, raise, lift
QAW-ATU Give away, carry away
QAWE Take, carry, bring
QAWE-HIFO Take, carry, put down
SALI.3 Carry something, bring or take something: *(f,s)ali
SAPAI Lift, carry in arms
SAQU.2 Carry, lift, take
SIKI.1A Lift (v); carry or hold a child in the arms
SIKI.1E Shift or move to another place
TAE.2A To scoop up, gather, collect (Rby)
TALI.4 Carry, convey
TAU.13 Carry (or be carried) on back
TEKA.3 Cross-piece (in house timbers or other structure)
TIKI.2 Fetch something: *tiki(-na)
TUKU.B Put down, place
VENE Carrying straps; to carry on back with straps
WAHA.1 Carry on back
WAIHO Leave, lay down, place

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