#21: Carrying.

Reconstruction Description
APAI.2 Lift, carry on arms or hands
FAFA.1 Carry on back
FUA.1B Carry on shoulder
KAA-FAKI Carry something away
KAU-MAI Give, bring (to speaker)
KAU-QAMO Shoulder carrying pole
KAV-AGE Give, take, send (to third person)
KAV-AKE Give, take (up, away)
KAV-ATU Give, take (to hearer)
KAWE.2A To carry something
LAKU.3 Carry or move many things; load or unload
LUKU.B Carry in arms, especially a baby
NEVE Carry on back with straps
QAFI Hold or carry under the arm
QAI.1 Place, deposit, leave
QAMO Carry on shoulders: *(ha)qamo
QAMO-GA Load, burden: (ha)amo-ga
QAU-HAKE Take up, raise, lift
QAW-ATU Give away, carry away
QAWE Take, carry, bring
QAWE-HIFO Take, carry, put down
SALI.3 Carry something, bring or take something: *(f,s)ali
SAPAI Lift, carry in arms
SAQU.2 Carry, lift, take
SIKI.1A Lift (v); carry or hold a child in the arms
SIKI.1E Shift or move to another place
TAE.2A To scoop up, gather, collect (Rby)
TALI.4 Carry, convey
TAU.13 Carry (or be carried) on back
TIKI.2 Fetch something: *tiki(-na)
TUKU.B Put down, place
VENE Carrying straps; to carry on back with straps
WAHA.1 Carry on back
WAIHO Leave, lay down, place

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