Pollex Reconstructed Protoforms

Level Reconstruction Description
UKA.A Cord, bowstring, fishing line
UKA.B Vein, sinew, muscle
UKA.C Stringy, tough, glutinous: *Uka(uka)
UKI Generation, age, epoch
UKU To cleanse by wiping, rubbing, scouring: *uku(i)
ULA.1A Flame; to burn
ULA.1B Glow, red
ULA.2 To blow
RO ULE Penis
ULU-GI To steer
ULUGA Pair, couple
UMA.A Chest, upper body
UMA.B Shoulder
UMA.C Hand-wrestling
UMELE Kind of song or chant
UMI Suck
UMU Fish sp.: Triggerfish
UNU.1 Take out, pull out, slip out, withdraw
FU UNU.2 Line of people
UNU.3 Drink
CK UNUA Double canoe
UNUOI Tree sp. (Eugenia reinwardtiana): *(u)n(ii,u)oi
UOA A mullet-like fish: *uo(u)a
UPAUPA A dance
NO UPU.* Container for liquids, cup
UQA.1A Neck, nape of neck
UQA.1B Crave food, not care about food: *uqa (*pilo,*maloo, *kai)
UQU Bite; pinch, hold fast (between two things) (Ebt)
URU-PAA. Fenced grove
URU.1 Wind from a westerly quarter
URU.2 Arrange hot stones on bed of earth-oven
USI.1 A shrub (Evodia [= Euodia] hortensis)
USI.2 Shoot (of plants) (Rby)
USO-TASA Children of the same mother
USO.1A Core, marrow: *(ui)so
USO.1B Umbilical cord: *(iu)so
FU USO.2 Anus, rectum, buttocks (Rby)
USO.3 Sibling
USU.1 Push; persuade, incite
USU.2 An institutionalised performance, ceremony (Ebt)
USU.3 Persistent pain
USU.4 To set out early in the morning
NO USU.5 Nose: *us(i,u)
UTA Cargo, freight; load a canoe
UTA-GA Cargo, freight
UTARI Follow
UTE Paper Mulberry

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