Pollex Reconstructed Protoforms

Level Reconstruction Description
TUPUAKI.* Top of head
TUPUNA Grandparent, ancestor
TUPUQA.A Supernatural being, demon
TUQA-.2A Numeral classifier relating to layers or strands; times, repetitions
TUQA-.2B Ordinalising prefix
TUQA-.3 Numeral prefix, unit of ten crabs etc.
TUQA-A-KOI Boundary, division: *tuqa-(a)-koi
TUQA-A-MATA Upper part of eye (eyelid to eyebrow)
TUQA-A-TINA Mother's brother (Rby)
TUQA-AKAU Ocean side of reef, far out to sea
TUQA-NIA Be worried, anxious, apprehensive
TUQA-SIWI Ridge of a mountain; backbone: *tuqa-(s,h)iwi
TUQA.1A Back (body part)
TUQA.1B Back side, far side, outside; ridge (of a mountain), back (of hand) etc.
TUQA.1C Ocean side of reef, far out to sea
TUQA.4 Believe in, trust: *(faka-)tu'a(tu'a)
TUQU-GA.1 Standing place, act of standing, position, site
TUQU-GA.2 Group; heap
TUQU-GAQA Difficult, inopportune
TUQU-KEHE Be different, unusual
TUQU-LAGA.A Framework, scaffolding, platform
TUQU-LAGA.B Notches cut in tree to facilitate climbing
TUQU-LAKI To stand (plural subject), stand (up) in a group
TUQU-MAQU Permanent, regular, constant
TUQU-RAGA Standing place; site, location; position, rank; time
TUQU-RUA Cut in two; half way point
TUQU-TA Partition, division, joint
TUQU-TAAMAKI (To have) an accident, misfortune, trouble
TUQU-TAGA Piece of something cut up
TUQU-TAKI To join together, meet
TUQU.1 Stand, be upright
TUQU.2 Belt, girdle
TUQU.3A To cut
TUQU.3B To be wounded, hit
TUQULA-LUPE Name of a star or a constellation: *tuqula-(a)-lupe
TUQURI Formal visit to bereaved family
TURA Container
TURI-QI-LIMA Elbow: *tuli(-qi)-lima
TURI-QI-WAQE Knee: *tuli-(qi)-waqe
TURORI Move unsteadily
TURU A night after the full moon
TURUMA Ritually restricted place (latrine, dung-heap; grave)
TUSA Equal
TUSI Mark or adorn with colour, brand

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