New Zealand Maori entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
MP.WAO.A Wao Forest (Wms)
NP.WASI Waa/waahi/ To split something lengthwise (Wms)
NP.WASI Waahi/a Split (pass.) (Bgs)
NP.WATA Wata/wata Full of holes, perforated; having many interstices (Wms)
NP.WAWAO Wawao To separate antagonists; to mediate (Bgs)
OC.WAWE Wawe Quick, prompt, early (Bgs)
CP.WEKA.1 Weka A bird (Gallirallus australis) (Wms)
CC.WEKE-WEKE Wekeweke Tentacles, rootlets (Wms)
NP.WEKU.1 Weku/weku Tufted, in tufts (Wms)
CK.WEKU.2 Weku To hook, catch hold of, tear (Wms)
OC.WELA.A Wera (pass. wera-ina) Burnt; burn (vt) (Wms)
OC.WELA.B Wera Heated, hot; heat (Wms)
TA.WERE-WERE.B* Werewere Some part of female sex organs capable of constriction and usually cited with plural article (Bgs)
EP.WERI Weri Centipede (Wms)
NP.WELI.2 Weri/weri Disgusting, offensive (Wms)
PN.WELO.1 Wero Stab, spear (Wms)
CE.WERU We/weru Garment (Wms)
SO.VENE Wene(wene) Runners of plants such as convolvulus, gourd Problematic (Bgs)
CE.WESE.* Wehe-a Detach, divide (Wms)
CE.WESE.* Tau/wehe-a To separate (beings) (Bgs)
CE.WESE.* Ma/wehe/ Be separated, be apart (Bgs)
??.WETA Weta Dirt, excreta; wisp of grass placed in anus of a corpse (Wms)
PN.WETE.1 We(we)te, wetewete Untie, unravel, release, set free (Wms)
CE.WEU.1 Weu Fibre, rootlet; single hair; tuft of hair used ritually (Wms)
EP.WEWE.B Weiweia Of low degree Problematic (Wms)
OC.WILI.1A Wiri Bore, twist, drill (Wms)
NP.WIIWII Wiiwii A stinging fly (Wms)
PN.KAWA-KAWA Kawakawa (Macropiper excelsum) (Wms)
CE.HOORUA Hoorua Toboggan down a hillside on the branch of a tree (Wms)
PN.QAA-.2 A(a) At, at the time of (of future time) (Wms)
PN.QAA-MURI Aamuri The time to come (Wms)
PN.QII.1 Ii Be stirred (of feelings) (Wms)
PN.FAKA-QILO-GA Whakairo Ornament with a pattern -- used of carving, tattooing, painting, weaving (Wms)
PN.FIA-KAI Hiakai Hunger; hungry (Wms)
CE.INA.2 Ina For, since, inasmuch as; when (of time future) (Wms)
EC.FAKA-MATE Whakamate Put todeath; cause to be sick; dam up (water) (Wms)
MP.MALU.A Maru/ahiahi Evening (Wms)
TA.AA-NIWA Aaniwa/tanga Disgust, distaste (Wms). Wandering about after (Grey). (Wms)
TA.AA-NIWA Aaniwa Reckless, aimless, bewildered (Wms)
PN.PALE-PALE Parepare Breastwork in a fortification (Wms)
NP.PALE.3B (Pa)pare Turn aside; divert, cause to face or point in different direction...; slink away, turn aside (Wms)
PN.PALE-TUQA Paretua Pad under a load to protect the back (Wms)
PN.TAFOLA.2 Tahora Uncultivated open country (Wms)
OC.TA-FOLA.1 Tahora Spread out, lay out (Wms)
MP.MATA-WAI Maataawai Fountainhead (Wms)
MP.PUSA.2 Pua Foam of the sea; foaming, breaking (wave) Phonologically Irregular (Wms)
AN.LAGI.4 Rangi Day, period of time (Wms)
NP.KANA-KANA-QA-LAGI Kanakana Geotria australis, lamprey Phonologically Irregular (Wms)
PN.AI.2 Ai Verb substantive, there was, etc. (Wms)
PN.FAKA-NOFO Whakanoho Give in marriage (Wms)

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