Nuguria entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
NO.LUE.2 Rue A kind of dance (Dvl)
NO.NAPA Napa Shame; ashamed (Dvl)
NO.A-LAA Raa, laa Another (Dvl)
PN.TAMA.1C Tama Man (Ray)
PN.TAMA.1C Tama Mann (Ths)
PN.TAMA.1C Tama kato Menschheit (Ths)
PN.TAMA.1C Tama Person, human being, people (Dvl)
NP.FUGAO-NA Hinaona In-laws (affines of the generation above one's spouse) Phonologically Irregular (Dvl)
NO.ISE.2 Ssee Shoo! (to a mouse) Phonologically Irregular (Dvl)
PN.KAFA-GA Kaahana A kind of rope ladder, loop used around one's feet and hands to assist in climbing coconut trees (Dvl)
NP.KAKE-GA Kaakena Step of a house; ladder (Dvl)
SO.KANO-KANO Kano-kano Wasp (Dvl)
NO.PUNI.1C Mata/puuni Blind (Pkn)
NO.PUNI.1C (Kanamata) p/puni Blind (Dvl)
SO.KATA.3 Kata Snake (generic); also sea eels and intestinal worms (Dvl)
NP.KIWI.1* Kivi A kind of sea bird (Dvl)
NP.KU.2 Ku Perfect aspect marker (Dvl)
NO.KUNU Kunu A kind of shellfish (small, grows on stones, edible) (Dvl)
SO.MAAVAVA.* Maaoa Yawn Phonologically Irregular (Dvl)
EC.MA-FAGA Mahana Loose, free (e.g. rope); take off (of a bird) (Dvl)
AN.MAI.A Mai Postposed directional particle: here, to me, for me (Dvl)
XO.MA-ISU Maisu Lips, area around the mouth (Dvl)
PN.MAQOLI Maauri-loo Truly, really Phonologically Irregular (Dvl)
PN.MAQOLI Ha-maauri True, truly, really Phonologically Irregular (Dvl)
XO.MA-SIKE Masike, mahike (pl. mahhike) Arise, get up, wake up, stand up after sleep (Dvl)
NO.MATA-PUKU Matapuku Big eye trevally (Dvl)
NP.MILO.2B Rau-milo-milo Red sea grass, found close to the shore (Dvl)
FJ.MOKO.1A Moko piri Kind of lizard (brown gecko) Borrowed (Dvl)
EC.NAI Punaa/nai A kind of shellfish, giant one, edible; it is farmed on the atoll (Dvl)
NO.NAKOFU Pu/naakkohu Shell of dead punaanai (Dvl)
PN.IO.2 Ioo Brain Problematic (Dvl)
EC.NI.1 Ni Tense marker (past?) (Dvl)
PN.QO No/o Conjunction: and (Dvl)
SO.FUA-QI- Huai- Augmentative prefix to nouns: very big (Dvl)
NO.PAO.3 Pao (pl. p/pao) Land on shore (Dvl)
CE.PAPA-ARIGA Paiaha Cheek Phonologically Irregular (Dvl)
NO.PANA.2 Pana Get/be accustomed or used to (Dvl)
XO.PAQIOLO Paoro Turtle bones on the back, turtle backbones; stirring rod for hot food, made of turtle bone (Dvl)
PN.PALA.1A Para-para Soft (Dvl)
NP.PAKI-AKA Patiaka Surface root Phonologically Irregular (Dvl)
PN.PEE- Pee/naa, pee/nei Like that, like this (Dvl)
NO.PILI.1C Ha(ka)-ppiri Hang up, place on a high object (Dvl)
NO.MANU.2 Manu-manu Smell (v) of the sea (Dvl)
NO.MANU.2 Manu-saa Smell (v) of something going bad (fish and meat) (Dvl)
NO.MANU.2 Manu-taitai Smell (v) of something which has drifted for a long time in the sea (Dvl)
PN.POLA-POLA Porapora Basket plaited of coconut leaves (for carrying food, tubers, etc., quickly woven, used and thrown away) (Dvl)
NO.PUU-LOA Puu-roa Conch or trumpet shell (Dvl)
AN.RAQA Mataa-raa Branch, twig (Dvl)
NP.LELE.B Rere naa aitu Possessed (prophesying) (Dvl)
XO.LII.3 Rii Young coconut (not yet motomoto) -- children suck its sweet husk and it is given to sick people who cannot eat hard food (Dvl)

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