Nuguria entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
AN.TOFI T/tohi, tohi/tohi Split, break (a piece of bread, coconut spround, because it is soft); share between people (Dvl)
AN.TUI T/tui, tui/tui Sew; sewing pattern (Dvl)
AN.TUKI.A T/tuki Hit (with fist) (Dvl)
PN.TUGI.* T/tuni (pass. tuuni/a) Burn, singe (hair) (vt) (Dvl)
PN.TUQU.3A T/tuu (sg.obj.), tuu/tuu (pl.obj.) (pass. tuu/tia) Cut (off), sever, amputate; chop, cut down (a tree, a coconut); harvest, reap (banana, sugarcane) (Dvl)
PN.TUQA.1C Tua Back of the island, oceanward side (direction) (Dvl)
NP.TUQA-AKAU Tuaakau Ocean side of reef (Dvl)
PN.TUQA-SIWI Tuahivi Keel (of canoe) (Dvl)
SO.FUU.2B Tua/huu Pubis, mons veneris (Dvl)
CP.TUAHI Tuai Coconut grater (Dvl)
OC.TUAI Tuai Old (things, not people) (Dvl)
PN.TUQU-RUA-POO Tua-poo Midnight Phonologically Irregular (Dvl)
PN.TALIELIE Tua/tarierie Mangrove crab, mud crab (Dvl)
PN.TUQA.1B Tua/vae Front of the foot (Dvl)
AN.TUI Tui Awl, needle; string game, cat's cradle (Dvl)
AN.TUI Tui/tui String (on a stick) (vt) (Dvl)
AN.TUKI.A Tuki Pound (swamp taro) (Dvl)
AN.TUKI.A Tuki/tuki To mash (swamp taro) (Dvl)
PN.TUKU.B Tuku/ake Lift up, set up (Dvl)
AN.TUNA Tuna Sea eel (Dvl)
PN.TUGI.* Tuni/tuni Burnt on one side, then on the other (of fish) (Dvl)
PN.TUPE.1 Tupe Seed of the tauraura tree, used to make spinning tops; spinning top (Dvl)
FJ.TULI.2 Turi Shore bird sp. (Dvl)
AN.TURI Turi Knee (Dvl)
NP.TULU-TULU.1 Turuturu Posts of house (Dvl)
PN.QUFI.3 Uhi Lid; wear, put on (clothes); cover (a boat from waves) (Dvl)
NP.USI.2 Uhi New green shoots on a planted cutting (Dvl)
PN.QUFI.3 Uhi/uhi Cloudy (sky); dress (oneself) (Dvl)
MP.USO.1B Uho Navel, umbilical cord (Dvl)
SO.UFU.2 Uhu (pl. uhu/uhu) Take off, undress; gather, pluck (nuts, breadfruit); hunt (young birds, taking out of nests) (Dvl)
PN.QUFU Uhu Parrotfish (Dvl)
OC.UKA.A Uka Rope (small), string, cord (Dvl)
XO.UKA.B Uka Sinew, vein (Dvl)
OC.UMA.A Uma Meat of chest (Dvl)
SO.UMI Umi Smoke (tobacco) (Dvl)
SO.UMI Umi/umi Suck (a lolly, one's fingers) (Dvl)
AN.QUNA Una Turtle shell; ring (on finger) (Dvl)
AN.QUNA Una/mea Turtle (generic), also green sea-turtle... (Dvl)
AN.QUNAFI Unahi Fish scales; scale (fish) (vt) (Dvl)
AN.UNU.1 Unu-hia Uproot, pull out/up (Dvl)
EO.ULA.1A Ura (pl. urra) Burn (vi), be alight (of fire) (Dvl)
AN.QURA Ura Crayfish (generic) (Dvl)
RO.ULE Ure Penis (including testicles) (Dvl)
OC.HURU.A Uru Enter, go/come in(side) (Dvl)
MP.URU.2 Uru Take out still burning firewood from the earth oven (Dvl)
MP.UTA Uta-ina Load (cargo onto a vessel) (Dvl)
OC.QUTO Uto Sprouting coconut (Dvl)
FJ.UTUA Utua A long strip of shallows in the sea (Dvl)
AN.HUHU Uu Breast; milk; suck (milk from breast) (Dvl)
MP.QUUQUU Uu Coconut crab (edible) (Dvl)

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