Reconstruction Level: AN - Austronesian

Reconstruction Description
FUFU.1 Wood-eating grub
FUFU.2 Strip off
FUGA.3 Flower
FUKA.1 Cut hair
FUNA.1A Conceal: *fu(u)na(a)
FUTI.1 Pluck hair or feathers, pull up weeds, pull on a line or rope
FUTI.2 Banana
FUTU Fish-poison tree (Barringtonia asiatica)
HAFA.A What?
HALA Road, path
HAU Needle; tattooing needle
HIWA.1 Nine
HUHU Breast, milk
KAI.1A Food, eat: *kai-nga, *kai-na
KALI.2 Dig, by scooping or scraping out
KASO.1 Rafters, or possibly purlins
KATI Bite, nip
KAU.3 Wood, timber
KIKILA Shine, glisten
KILI.1 Skin (n) (of animal, fruit); bark (of tree)
KILI.2 Saw, file, rasp
KIO.1A Chirp, cheep
KITE See, appear, know
KOE Second person singular pronoun (independent)
KOKO.1 Scoop up in the hands, press, squeeze
KOSI Scrape, scratch (Rby)
KOTI.1 Cut, clip (of hair)
-KU.1 First person singular possessive suffix
KULO Cooking-pot
KUMI-KUMI Beard, chin: *kum(i,u)kum(i,u)
KUTU.1 Louse
IA.1 Third person singular pronoun (independent)
IA.3 Postposed emphatic particle
IA.4 Interjection
IKA.A Fish n
IKU.1 The end of something; tail
IRI.A Fan (n)
QILO Maggot
IPU Container for liquid
ISU.1 Nose
QITI Small
LAA.1 A sail
RAQA Branch (of tree)
LAQE.A Forehead
LAGI.2 Sky; weather
LAGO.1 Fly (insect)
RAKU Scratch (v.t.)
RARA.1 Heat over fire to smoke, grill, roast (of food) or render supple (of leaves): *(l,r)a(l,r)(gi)
LALO.A Below, under
RAMA Fish at night with torches; torch

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