Reconstruction Level: OC - Oceanic

Reconstruction Description
TILO Tree sp., Calophyllum
TINO.A Body (of a person or animal); trunk (of tree); hull (of canoe); main part of anything
TIPI.1A Cut, slice, slash off
TOHO.A Pull, drag, haul: *to(h,s)o
TOSI.2 Score, draw (e.g. a line), mark, write
TOU.1 A tree (Cordia sp.)
TUAI Of ancient times, old; (take) a long time, late, slow
TUA-KANA Elder sibling of same sex
TUPA Landcrab
TUPUQA.A Supernatural being, demon
TUPUNA Grandparent, ancestor
TUSA Equal
TUSI Mark or adorn with colour, brand
UQA.1A Neck, nape of neck
UKA.A Cord, bowstring, fishing line
UMA.A Chest, upper body
USU.1 Push; persuade, incite
UTO Float of a net
QUTO Sprouting coconut, containing sweet, spongy kernel
QUTU.1 Fill with water
QUTU.3 Fish sp. (Aprion sp.) (Hpr)
WAHE Divide, division; separate
WALI.1 To paint or smear on
WALO-WALO A tree (Premna sp.): *(w)alo(w)alo
WALU.2 Tuna sp
WAWE Quick, prompt
WELA.A Burn, be on fire, burnt
WELA.B Hot, heat
WELI.1 A venomous sea-creature
WE-WELA Hot (of fire, sun, weather); heat; (have) fever
WII.A A tree with edible fruit (Spondias cytherea [=dulcis])
WILI.1A Twist, turn; bore, drill
WISI Entangled
SOLO.2A Grate, grind, rasp
TA-FOLA.1 Be spread out *ta(a)fola
KULAPO Fish sp.
HIFO.A Go down, descend
MAHU.B Satisfied (of bodily need), quenched (of thirst)

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