Reconstruction Level: OC - Oceanic

Reconstruction Description
MATAGI Wind, breeze
MATAU.A Axe: *mata(q)u
MATUQU.A Dry (of something that was originally wet), dried out; congealed, desiccated
MISI.B Sound made with the lips
MITI.2 Bird sp. (Aplonis sp.)
MITI.3A Suck, lick up
MOSOKOI Perfume tree (Cananga odorata)
MOTU.A Severed, cut, broken in pieces
MOTU.B Island
MUQA.A Front, before
MULE.1 Blow gently
NATU.1 Knead, mix with water
NATU.2 A tree (Burckella obovata)
NOFO Sit, dwell
NONU Tree sp. (Morinda citrifolia)
QOHO Provisions for a journey: *qo(h,s)o
OI.1 Withdraw, turn away from
QONO.1 Barracuda
PAA.3A Fish-hook (trolling)
PAE.1A Heap of stones; stone structure (wall, fence, platform)
PALA.2 Tree-fern sp
PALAGI A surgeonfish (Acanthurus sp.)
PALAI A yam (Dioscorea nummularia)
PALI.3 Fast, go without food, mourn
PANI.1 Paint, smear, rub oil on
PATA.1A Raindrop
PEQE Over-ripe, soft (of breadfruit)
PEAU Ocean swell whether breaking or not, billow
PEKA.1 Fruit bat, flying-fox
PELA Mud, muddy, dirt, filth
PELE.2 A plant (Abelmoschus [= Hibiscus] manihot) with edible leaves
PELU.A Bend, fold
PENU.A Trash, especially refuse of coconut or pandanus fruit
PEPE Butterfly
PILI.2 Lizard, gecko: *(moko)pili
PIPI.2 Tree sp. (Hernandia sp.)
POO.2 Cover, catch or strike with cupped hand
POLO.1 Plant sp. (Solanum sp.)
POTO.1 Short
POU.1 Post n
PUU.1 Trumpet shell; trumpet: Pu(q)u
PULAKA Swamp Taro, Giant Taro (Cyrtosperma merkusii [= chamissonis])
PULAPULA Propagation material for root crops
PULU.3 Soaked
PUTU.1 Be close together, bunched up, assembled (of people)
SAE.1 Tear (v)
SAFU.1 To run off, fall (of water)
SAFU.2 Scrape

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