Reconstruction Level: OC - Oceanic

Reconstruction Description
SALI.1 Flow
SALU.1 Scrape aside, clear, smooth by scraping or planing
SANI.2 Remove leaves from tree, cut hair
SAQO Draw a net around, drive into net, surround
SAO-SAO A fish (Sphyraenidae)
SAPE.A Malformed (of foot), club-footed
SAU.3 Rule, ruler
SAAWAKI Sea-urchin with short spines
SEE.2 Flower, blossom
SIFI Whittle, pare
SIKA.1 Netting needle
SIKA.2 Make fire with fire-plough
SIKI.1A Lift (v); carry or hold a child in the arms
SINA.1 Grey or white-haired
SIWILI Parrot sp. (Clk)
SOAKA Banana sp. (Clk)
SOFA Throw out
SOKA.1 Pierce, stab *soka(-qi)
SOLO.1 Collapse, cave in; landslide
SOPU.2 Dive
SUMU.2 Triggerfish (Balistidae)
SUNU.2 Singe
TAQE.2 Negativiser
TAAEQA Fish sp.(Lutjanus sp.)
TAFA.2 Cut lengthwise, slice, incise
TAFA.3 Soar
TAFE To flow, especially of a current
TAGAFA A fish (Cheilinus undulatus)
TAGO.A Touch, take hold of
TAAIWA Fish sp., Blackspot Snapper (Lutjanus monostigma) (Hpr)
TAKA.1A Revolve, to roll, to go roundabout, wander
TAKUA.1 A pelagic fish sp *taku(a,o)
TALAI Hew, carve
TAMA.1A Child
TAMANU A tree (Calophyllum sp.)
TANIFA Shark sp
TAQO.2A Press down, weigh down with a weight: *taqo(mi)
TAQO.3A Cover, conceal
TAPAKAU Coconut leaf plaited to form a mat
TAPE.2 Basket variety
TAPU Prohibited, under ritual restriction, taboo
TATA.1 Near
TAQU.1 Season, year
TAWAHI Tree sp. (Rhus taitensis)
TEFE Circumcise
TIFA.1A Pearl shell
TIFI-TIFI Butterfly Fish spp. (Chaetodontidae)
TILO Tree sp., Calophyllum
TINO.A Body (of a person or animal); trunk (of tree); hull (of canoe); main part of anything

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