Reconstruction Level: OC - Oceanic

Reconstruction Description
SAKA.3 Boil food in water
SAAKULE Search head for lice, examine carefully
SALU.1 Scrape aside, clear, smooth by scraping or planing
SANI.2 Remove leaves from tree, cut hair
SAQO Draw a net around, drive into net, surround
SAO-SAO A fish (Sphyraenidae)
SAPE.A Malformed (of foot), club-footed
SAU.3 Rule, ruler
SAAWAKI Sea-urchin with short spines
SEE.2 Flower, blossom
SIFI Whittle, pare
SIKA.1 Netting needle
SIKA.2 Make fire with fire-plough
SIKI.1A Lift (v); carry or hold a child in the arms
SIWILI Parrot sp. (Clk)
SOAKA Banana sp. (Clk)
SOFA Throw out
SOKA.1 Pierce, stab *soka(-qi)
SOLO.1 Collapse, cave in; landslide
SOPU.2 Dive
SUMU.2 Triggerfish (Balistidae)
SUNU.2 Singe
TAQE.2 Negativiser
TAAEQA Fish sp.(Lutjanus sp.)
TAFA.2 Cut lengthwise, slice, incise
TAFA.3 Soar
TAFE To flow, especially of a current
TAGAFA A fish (Cheilinus undulatus)
TAGO.A Touch, take hold of
TAAIWA Fish sp., Blackspot Snapper (Lutjanus monostigma) (Hpr)
TAKA.1A Revolve, to roll, to go roundabout, wander
TAKUA.1 A pelagic fish sp *taku(a,o)
TALAI Hew, carve
TAMA.1A Child
TAMANU A tree (Calophyllum sp.)
TANIFA Shark sp
TAQO.2A Press down, weigh down with a weight: *taqo(mi)
TAQO.3A Cover, conceal
TAPAKAU Coconut leaf plaited to form a mat
TAPE.2 Basket variety
TAPU Prohibited, under ritual restriction, taboo
TATA.1 Near
TAQU.1 Season, year
TAWAHI Tree sp. (Rhus taitensis)
TEFE Circumcise
TIFA.1A Pearl shell
TIFI-TIFI Butterfly Fish spp. (Chaetodontidae)
TIKA.A Dart, throw a dart

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