Reconstruction Level: OC - Oceanic

Reconstruction Description
KUKU.3 Strip off, as leaves, bark
IFI.1 Blow
IFI.2 Tahitian chestnut (Inocarpus fagifer [=edulis])
ISE.1 Halfbeak spp. including (Hyporhamphus acutus) (Hpr.1994)
ISI Peel off, strip, split: *(qh)isi
LAFA Ringworm
LAGI.1 Sing
LAGO.2 Skid used to support or launch canoe; support, prop
LAKI The westerly quarter; wind from that quarter and weather associated with it
LALA.1 Tree (Vitex sp.)
RANU.B Amnion, amniotic fluid; other fluids associated with childbirth
LAPA.2 Flash (of light); to flash
LASE Lime (coral)
RAU.4 Level land
LELE.A Fly, run, leap
LEQO.1 Voice
LEPA.2 Stagnant water
LIU.2 Turn round
LOA.1 Long (in space or time); tall
LOKA Rough, of sea (Rby)
LOKI Enclosed area, such as an inner room
LOTO.A Inside
LUU.3 Shake
LUA.2 Vomit
MA.4 And, with: *ma(a)
MAA.1 And (connecting units to preceding tens): *ma(a)
MAE.1A Withered, wilted
MAFO Healed, as a sore or wound
MAGOO General term for sharks
MAHU.A Be abundant, plentiful (of food)
MAQITO Surgeonfish (Acanthuridae), possibly (Ctenochaetus striatus) (Quoy & Gaimard)
MAKO.2 Dance
MAKO.3 Tree sp.
MARA Food fermented to preserve it, or to enhance the taste
MALAQE Open, cleared space used as meeting-place or ceremonial place
MA-RAMA.A Light (not dark); light (n)
MALAU.2 Incubator Bird (Megapodius pritchardii) (Clk)
MANA.1 Power, effectiveness, prestige
MANA.2 Thunder
MANOGI Fragrant, perfumed
MANUKA.1 Wound, sore: *ma(a)nuka
MAQOTA A tree (Dysoxylum sp.)
MASAGA.1 Forked, branching (Clk)
MASI.2 Bark-cloth; loincloth
MATA.1B Mesh of net

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