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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Pukapuka PN.PAPA.1B Papa Hard bedrock that rises above water at certain times
Rarotongan PN.PAPA.1B Papa Flat hard surface
Samoan PN.PAPA.1B Papa Flat (board, rock, etc.)
Tahitian PN.PAPA.1B Papa Roche corallienne en plaque; omoplate; bassin, hanche. A flat stone; a rock, a stratum of rock (Dvs).
Tikopia PN.PAPA.1B Papa Flat; flat surface of various kinds (plank, sky, earth, bottom of sea)
Tokelau PN.PAPA.1B Papa Flat
Tongan PN.PAPA.1B Papa Flat hard surface
Tuamotu PN.PAPA.1B Papa Flat ledge of rock
Easter Island EP.PAPA.1C Ta/papa Genealogia
Hawaiian EP.PAPA.1C Papa Class, rank, grade, order...
Marquesas EP.PAPA.1C Papa Section, ordre, classe, secte, file, rangée, rang. Partie, moitiéde choses qui se partagent naturellement en lames; doublure, couche (Lch).
Marquesas EP.PAPA.1C Ta/papa Arranger, disposer en rang, en ordre.... Empiler, stack (v) (Atl).
Mangareva EP.PAPA.1C Papa/ga Objects placés les uns au-dessus des autres; marge, limite
Penrhyn EP.PAPA.1C Papa List, genealogy; to list up
Rarotongan EP.PAPA.1C Papa Layer, stratum; recite (a genealogy), recount, relate (esp. historical events or tales of the past)
Tahitian EP.PAPA.1C Papa/a A series of facts or occurrences; a certain range or class of things, such as islands, countries &c.
Tuamotu EP.PAPA.1C Papa To be in order; to recite, declaim (as a series of ancestral chants, genealogies)
East Futuna SO.PAPA.2 Papa Medium-sized red fish sp.
East Uvea SO.PAPA.2 Papa Generic term for some species of Cephalopholis (Groupers)
New Zealand Maori SO.PAPA.2 Paa/papa Small fish sp., like maomao Problematic
Penrhyn SO.PAPA.2 Papa Shoal of fish Problematic
Pukapuka SO.PAPA.2 Papa A fish (Variola louti)
Samoan SO.PAPA.2 Papa A fish (Epinephelus sp.)
Tokelau SO.PAPA.2 Papa School of fish of certain species, especially Caranx sp.; a variety of sea-bass or grouper, reddish yellow with white spots (?Variola louti)
New Zealand Maori NP.PAPA.3 Papa Box, chest
Luangiua NP.PAPA.3 Papa Box, case
Sikaiana NP.PAPA.3 Papa Box
West Futuna SO.PAPA.2 Papa (Cephalopholis spp.)
Moriori NP.PAA-PAKU Papaku Shallow
Marquesas NP.PAA-PAKU Papaku (MQN), papaʔu (MQS). Papau (Dln). Shallow. Bas, peu élevé, peu profond.
Mangareva NP.PAA-PAKU ʔAka/papaaku Ne pas creuser profond un trou, une fosse. To dig a hole, but not very deep (Tgr).
Samoan NP.PAA-PAKU Papaʔu Shallow
Tokelau NP.PAA-PAKU Papaku Shallow, shallowness
Hawaiian CE.PAPA-ARIGA Papaalina Cheek
Moriori CE.PAPA-ARIGA Paparinga Countenance, cheek
Marquesas CE.PAPA-ARIGA Papaʔika (MQN), papaʔina (MQS) Cheek. Joue.
Mangareva CE.PAPA-ARIGA Paapaariga. Papariŋa (Atl). Joue; partie latérale, coté
Luangiua CE.PAPA-ARIGA Papaiaha Fish gills; cheeks (of person) Phonologically Irregular
Ra'ivavae CE.PAPA-ARIGA Papagiŋa, papaʔiŋa Labia majora
Luangiua PN.PAPA-A-TUQA Papakua Thin Problematic
Pukapuka PN.PAPA-A-TUQA Papaatua Lower back
Samoan PN.PAPA-A-TUQA Papaatua Back , small of back. Lower back (McP).
Tahitian PN.PAPA-A-TUQA Papatua/honu The shell on the back of the turtle
Tongan PN.PAPA-A-TUQA Papatuʔa Flat of back
Tuamotu PN.PAPA-A-TUQA Papatua Small of back
Tikopia PN.PATA.1B Papata Covered with pimples
Pukapuka NP.SAKALI Yakali Modern name for mature coconut in niu papaku stage ; also in old chants Problematic
Rennellese CP.SISI.3 Sisi To slice; as meat, papayas, bread; to flay, as human skin to get bones...; to pry off, as bark with a stick; to snap off; twist and chop off, as meat from bones
Mangaia PN.TAGALOA.A Tangaroa 'Long chin'. A deity, elder brother of Rongo, son of Vaatea. Son of Vaatea and Papa, younger twin brother of Rongo (Tgr).
Tahitian PN.TAKULUA Taʔurua-faupapa Sirius (Henry 1907:101-104)