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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Tahitian PN.FETUQU-QAHO Fetiʔa po’ipo’i, feti’a tataiao Vénus Problematic
Tahitian CP.FIA- Hia/umiti To long, as for an absent relation; a longing desire for something not obtained
Marquesas NP.FIFI.3 Hihi Antenne, tentacule, filament; moustaches de certains animaux, tels que chats, rats
Moriori FJ.FII-FII Whiwhi Obtain, acquire Problematic
Sikaiana XO.FII-KAI.* Hiikai To be hungry, to want to eat, to be hungry for a certain food
New Zealand Maori EO.FILI.5 Whiri Flock of certain birds Problematic
Tongan MP.FIRI.1 Fii Twist or plait two or more threads together; plait hair, a pigtail
Tuamotu EP.FIRO.3 Hiro To move to and fro, twist, as the tail of a fish when spawning; to swirl, as an eddy of water; to whirl, circle, as wind
Samoan OC.FISO.2 Fiso Large reed sp. (Erianthus maximus) (stems contain sugar, were chewed by children)
East Futuna EO.FOQI.1 Faa Unitising particle preposed to names of small, compact objects such as fruit, cans, containers Problematic
New Zealand Maori PN.FOKI.2 Hoki Also, and, too; indeed, definitely. (Postposed particle) Certainement, assurément, sans nul doute (Lch)
Marquesas PN.FOKI.2 Hoʔi Aussi, assurement, certainement, aussi, certes. Indeed (Mtu).
Rarotongan PN.FOKI.2 ʔOki Also; certainly, indeed
Nuguria AN.FONU.1 Tai honu Flut
Mangareva MP.FOTO ʔOto Os vénimeux de certains grands poissons (autrefois on en armait les lances); flèche; bout pointu de la noix de coco; petits mâts montés au haut des mâts ordinaires
Penrhyn MP.FOTO Hoto Sting, hard pointed object, barb in tail of sting ray
Rennellese MP.FOTO Hoto Barb, as on a stingray's tail
Tongan MP.QOLOGAA Olongá A certain kind of tree
Tikopia CO.FUATAGA.1 Fuatanga Lament; dirge; funeral song; certain other traditional ritual songs
Pukapuka PN.FUA-TASA Wuatai Only child
West Uvea PN.FUE.2 Fue Chasser (mouches); éventail
Marquesas CE.FUA-TUU Huetu. Huetu(u) (Atl). Plantain. Espèce de bananier sauvage. Banane de montagne; mountain banana (Musa fehi) (Atl).
Rarotongan CE.FUA-TUU ʔUatuu Wild banana or plantain
Rarotongan CE.FUA-TUU ʔUetuu Wild banana or plantain
Tikopia CE.FUA-TUU Futtu Mountain Banana (Musa sp.); short, stubby fruits upstanding on stem Problematic
Mangareva EC.FUGA.2 ʔUga/ʔuga Morceau, miette, particule, parcelle; personne de petite taille
Takuu NP.FUGAO-NA Finaona Certain affines Phonologically Irregular
Rennellese NP.FUKA.2 Huka/atai Surface of the sea
East Uvea PN.KAU.2C (Ga)kau Une vingtaine (poissons, cocos, ignames)
Tongan ??.FURE Fue/fue Tail and rump of a roast pig
New Zealand Maori PN.FULI-TUQA Huritua Turn the back, face about = huritaitua, hurikotua
Bugotu AN.FUTI.2 Vudi Plantain, banana
Nggela AN.FUTI.2 Vundi A banana, plantain, both plant and fruit
Niue AN.FUTI.2 Futi Banana, plantain (generic term)
Rennellese AN.FUTI.2 Huti Banana or plantain
Emae SO.GAA-TAI Gaatai Beach; on the beach
Pukapuka CE.GAKI.A Ngaki Try hard to obtain something or someone Problematic
Tahitian PN.GAKO ʔAʔo Gras, laitance ou oeufs qui apparaissent chez les poissons, tortues, volailles, oursins, crustacées, huitres, bénitiers à certaines périodes ou ils sont les plus appréciés; être gras, être bien plein
Tahitian FJ.GALI.2A Ari The tribute paid to the king, or a principal chief; the advantages obtained by marriage, or otherwise, such as land, property, influence or government
Marquesas MP.GALU.1 Kaʔu (tai) (MQN), naʔu (tai) (MQS) (Atl). Wave, breaker. Vague, lame de mer (Lch).
Mangareva PN.GAO.2 Gao. Gaʔo (Rch). Grooves in a tapa-cloth mallet and marks left by same on the cloth. Entailles allongées du maillet (ike) qui sert à battre le papyrus pour fabriquer le tapa; envers d'une étoffe, d'une couture; ligne, marque, signe
Tahitian PN.GATAQA Atâ Unwilling, unapt; difficult (to get or obtain)
Tikopia PN.GATAE Ngatai (Erythrina)
Anuta SO.GAA-TAI Nga(a)tai Seaward, toward the open sea
East Futuna SO.GAA-TAI Gaatai Seawards, coastal area
East Uvea SO.GAA-TAI Gaatai Du cote de la mer; ver la mer
Rennellese SO.GAA-TAI Ngaatai Seaward area and its people
Samoan SO.GAA-TAI Gaatai A little distance toward the sea
Takuu SO.GAA-TAI Naatai Flotsam, objects drifting to Takuu from other places
Tikopia SO.GAA-TAI Ngatai Beach, shore, seadward(s)