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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Tuamotu PN.MATE-GA Mateeŋa Death, decease; the act of dying
Mangareva PN.MATE-GA Matega Dead, death; illness
Hawaiian PN.MATE-GA Makena Mourning, lamentation; to wail, lament
Easter Island PN.MATE-GA Mateŋa Agony; death
Tongan PN.MATE-GA Matenga, mateʔanga Source, origin, reason or cause of death
Niue PN.MATE-GA Matega Habit (tends to refer to bad or hurtful habits); to hurt, to feel pain
East Uvea PN.MATE-GA Matega Mort (n); mourir
East Futuna PN.MATE-GA Maatega Accident mortel (incluant plusieurs personnes)
Tikopia PN.MATE-GA Matenga Death
West Uvea PN.MATE-GA Matenga Plaie, cicatrice
Rennellese PN.MATE-GA Maatenga Deathly sickness, death, severe injury
Ifira-Mele PN.MATE-GA Matega Death
Emae PN.MATE-GA Matega Death
Marquesas PN.MATE-GA Matena Mort (sf)
Marquesas PN.MATE-GA Mate/te/ka (MQN), mate/te/na (MQS) Pleurer, se lamenter
Mangareva PN.MATE-GA Matega Mort, maladie
Marquesas PN.MAAGALO.2 Ma/ka/kaʔo Mets délicieux, qui descend bien
Marquesas NP.NEWA.B Náio Delirious or raving mad
Marquesas MQ.OHO Oho/maniania Chauve (alopécie)
Mangareva MQ.KIHA Mau ki/kiʔa Tenir fermement
Marquesas AN.KOKO.1 Pa/koko Ramasser la *popoi* avec la main, la réunir en un tout dans le plat
Hawaiian CE.TEKA.3 Keʔa Cross, any crossed piece; main house purlin; sticks connecting canoes of a double canoe
New Zealand Maori CE.TEKA.3 Teka Cross-pieces lashed onto a pole to make a rough ladder; projecting foot piece on a *ko* [digging stick] by which it was forced into the ground
Tongan AN.RARA.1 Aa/ngaki To dry in front of the fire. Raviver (le feu, un malade par la moyen du feu) (Btn).
Tongan MP.AWA Ava/ngi, ava/ki To perforate, make a hole or opening in; to scuttle (a ship); to lift so as to leave a little space underneath
Marquesas CE.PEKA.2B Peka, peʔa Fourré impénétrable; s'étendre au loin (branches d'arbres); gourmands d'une plante; foisonner, abonder
East Uvea PN.MA-FITI Mafisi Jaillir, pétiller, bondir, flamber, étinceller; arriver par hasard...
Samoan PN.MA-LEPE Malepe To be broken, come to pieces (of things which are put together or made, such as boats, boxes, houses).
Tokelau PN.MA-LEPE Malepe Disintegrate, be disintegrated
West Uvea PN.MA-LEPE Malepe Tomber, s'effondrer
Rennellese PN.MA-LEPE Magepe To be in mourning; mourn, lament, groan with pain, regret Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tikopia PN.MA-LEPE Marepe Spread out Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tongan PN.MA-MALU Mamalu, molu/malu Solemn, impressive, majestic, imposing, stately, dignified, magnificent
Tongan PN.TAU-TAMA Toutama To give suck, to suckle a child; woman suckling a child. Nourrice (Btn).
East Uvea PN.TAU-TAMA Tautama Nourricier, celui qui prend soin d'un enfant
Samoan PN.TAU-TAMA Tautama/a To suckle (a Manu'a word for *faailele*). (Of woman) be excused from social duties owing to having an infant to care for (Mnr).
Rennellese PN.TAU-TAMA Tau tama (of women) To bear or have children or a child; to have young, as a bird or animal
Nukuoro PN.TAU-TONU Daudonu Gentle, mild-mannered, soft-spoken, Uncertain Semantic Connection
East Futuna XW.TUQURI Tuʔuli Rendre visite avec des vivres ou des biens (pour un deuil, ou lorsqu'un roi est malade, ou pour visiter un travail collectif)
Rennellese PN.SOIFUA Soihua To make profane, release taboo; to free or be free from contamination or disease, as of man or plants; to be calm; to escape or recover from sickness
East Uvea NP.ALOA ʔAloa Expression dont on se sert pour attirer l'attention de qn. qui passe: mon cher, ma chère; expression de tendresse utilisé entre les époux; les enfants s'en servent pour les parents ou les personnages auxquels ils doivent le respect
Tongan NP.SAU-GA.* ʔAunga (of meat or a dead body, etc.) To putrefy, to be in a state of decomposition. Gâté, qui sent mauvais (Btn). Problematic
East Uvea FJ.RAU.3 Lau/akuma Dernière feuille d'un bout de toiture
East Uvea FJ.RAU.3 ʔAto lau Toit de pandanus; faire une toiture, couvrir une maison
Tongan PN.QAFII ʔEfi/nanga Large bundle of mats wrapped in a mat or in tapa cloth
Tahitian PN.FAKA-MORI Haʔamori Worship, make offerings to . To worship a Deity, to perform religious services (Dvs).
Samoan PN.FAKA-MORI Faʔamoli/moli Portions of food (for those remaining behind). Present given by traveller or sent by one who is absent (Mnr).
East Futuna PN.FATUGA.1 Fotuga Espace entre les parties latérales des maisons et les pans de feuilles de la toiture
Tongan FJ.SAGA.1A Hanga Mat-weaving or tapa-making
East Futuna SO.SAGA.1C Saga Présents entre les parents des mariés