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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Niue OC.FAI.2A Fai Make, collect
Nukuoro OC.FAI.2A Hai Do, make, use,
Vaeakau-Taumako OC.FAI.2A Hai-a, fai-a Do, make, happen; act (n), custom
Tongan PN.FAI.2C Fai To make, give, tell, deliver, utter, perform, etc. (an explanation, story, speech, song, dance, etc.)
Rennellese OC.FAI.2A Hai Do; take care of, attend to
Samoan OC.FAI.2A Fai Do, make
Takuu OC.FAI.2A Fai Do, make
Tikopia OC.FAI.2A Fai Make, do, prepare, produce
Tokelau OC.FAI.2A Fai Do, create, make
Tongan OC.FAI.2A Fai Make, do
Pukapuka NP.FAI.4 Waiwai Cat's cradle; to make string figures
Rennellese PN.FAI.5 Hai tauʔa To battle, make war Problematic
Marquesas PN.FAI-KAI Fáiki Breadfruit or the tarro root cut in pieces... and baked in a plantain leaf with the expressed juice of the cocoa nut kernel
Samoan PN.FAI-KAI Faaiʔai Coconut cream baked in leaf packages either plain or with other ingredients. Brain (McP).
Hawaiian NP.FAA-QITA.* Haika/ika Make faces; grimace of defiance and contempt
Tahitian NP.FAA-QITA.* Faita To make grimaces
Tahitian PN.FAKA-QITA Faaita To distort the lips and chin; to make grimaces by way of contempt, or to excite laughter
Tuamotu NP.FAA-QITA.* Faaita Make a grimace
Hawaiian CE.FAA-ITE.B Hoʔo/haalike/ Compare, make alike, resemble, copy Problematic
New Zealand Maori CE.FAA-ITE.B Whaarite To make like Problematic
Rarotongan PN.FAKA-.2 ʔAka- Simulative: to make somebody out to be, to call somebody something, to pretend to be
Samoan PN.FAKA-QETEQETE Faʔaeteete Take care, be careful of
Hawaiian EC.FAKA-IPO-IPO Hoʔoipo To make love, court, woo
Samoan PN.FAKA-QITA Faʔaita Offend, make angry
Tokelau PN.FAKA-QITA Fakaita Offend, make angry
Sikaiana SO.FAKA-KAA.1 Hakkaa Make sharp
Rennellese FU.FAKAALA Hakaaga Take food on trail (aga) as to ritual feast, food so taken
Moriori PN.FAKA-LELE Hokorere Abandon, forsake, avoid; cast . Remainder
Tongan PN.FAKA-LOGO Fakalongo To be silent, not to speak or make a noise
Fijian CP.FAKA-MATALA Vakamacala/taka Make clear, explain
Niue CP.FAKA-MATALA Fakamatala To preach, make known, make a speech
Hawaiian PN.FAKA-MAQU Hoʔomau To make fast, as an anchor in sand; to snag; to cause to be retarded, grounded, wagered, stopped; to mate for the purpose of having children
Pukapuka PN.FAKA-MAQU Wakamau To make fast, tight
Rennellese PN.FAKA-MAQU Hakamaʔu To make fast or firm; to hold; to be permanent, fixed
Samoan PN.FAKA-MAQU Faʔamau To make fast; make a stand in a war; betrothed one
Sikaiana PN.FAKA-MAQU Hakammau Make firm, make tight; depend upon
Tikopia PN.FAKA-MAQU Fakamau Make firm, secure, set, support
Tongan PN.FAKA-MAQU Fakamaʔu Make firm; do up, fix, fasten; tighten; engaged to be married
Rapa CE.FAKA-PAGO Aʔapaʔo Attend to, give heed to, take care of Problematic
Tuamotu CE.FAKA-PAGO Hakapango To manage, practise, use; to cause to be sure, make certain
Hawaiian PN.FAKA-PAPA.A Hoʔopapa Place in rank or file, put in order, put in layers, overlay, make a shelf, pack neatly
Nukuoro PN.FAKA-PAPA.A Hagababa Become engaged to marry; prepare for, make ready Problematic
Samoan PN.FAKA-PEQE Faʔapee Leave till soft, as breadfruit to make olula
Samoan PN.FAKA-PELEPELE Faʔapelepele To take care of, to make much of
Tongan PN.FAKA-PELEPELE Fakapelepele To pet, to make a pet of, treat with indulgence or favouritism; treat (a thing) with special care
Tongan PN.FAKA-QATA.A Fakaʔata Observe, look at or examine with a telescope, etc.; take aim
Moriori NP.FAKA-TAGI Hokotangi Make (voice) sound (like)
Rarotongan NP.FAKA-TAGI ʔAkatangi Make sound (generally), play (a musical instrument)
Hawaiian NP.FAKA-TASI Hoʔokahi Together, as a unit, at the same time; to make one, unite; to be similar
Samoan NP.FAKA-TASI Faʔatasi To add to, to join together to make one; to be together