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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Anuta MP.QASU Atu To remove liquid from a container, like bailing a canoe or lifting soup out of a bowl with a spoon
East Futuna MP.QASU ʔAsu Bail, ladle out, scoop out
Niue MP.QASU Ahu Bail, ladle out, scoop out
Nukuoro MP.QASU Asu Scoop up, spoon
Penrhyn MP.QASU Asu-a, -hia Scoop out, bail out, dip
Rennellese MP.QASU ʔAsu Scoop, bail, as a canoe
Samoan MP.QASU Asu Ladle, dip, scoop out
Sikaiana MP.QASU Asu Ladle, dip, scoop out
Tahitian MP.QASU Ahu To scoop, lade, or shovel; to take up any thing with a vessel or a ladle
Takuu MP.QASU Asu Scoop; dip a container into water; fill a container from a tank, drum, canoe
Tikopia MP.QASU Asu To scoop out; to bail a canoe
Tokelau MP.QASU Ahu To bail, ladle, scoop
Hawaiian PN.ATA.1 Aka Moon dawn
Kapingamarangi PN.ATA.1 Ada/boo First light of dawn
Marquesas PN.ATA.1 Ata Moon dawn. Se lever, paraître (ex. lune) (Lch).
Takuu PN.ATA.1 Ata Early dawn; glow of moon before it rises
Pukapuka CE.ATA.2 Ata Preverbal particle denoting ability to perform action referred to by the verb; to be good at Problematic
New Zealand Maori CE.ATA-RAU Atarau Moon, moonlight; a beam of light
Takuu EO.QATAMAI.A Atamai Have clear recall of past events or information, possess a good memory; (of a small child) smart, wise, clever; sober
Kapingamarangi PN.QAATEA Aatea (usually aatee) The lagoon and its surface
Niue PN.ATI.2 Faka/ati Peep into, look at. To check on someone or something (Sph).
Tongan PN.ATI.2 Asiasi Keep a lookout for
Mangareva CE.UOA Uooa Poisson: Neomyxus chaptallii (Mugilidae)
Easter Island AN.QATO Ato To roof
Nuguria AN.QATO Oto Tie thatch to roof Phonologically Irregular
Penrhyn AN.QATO Ato To thatch; roof
Vaeakau-Taumako AN.QATO To/to/hale Thatch, roof
Rapa AN.QATO Atoo Thatch; to thatch
Takuu AN.QATO Oto/oto (pass. oto/hia) Tie pandanus thatch to a roof, tie mat panels to the sides of a house Phonologically Irregular
Tokelau AN.QATO Ato To thatch; roofing
Kapingamarangi MP.QATU.2 Adu Warp beam stick of the loom
Takuu MP.QATU.2 Atu Tensioning strap of a backstrap loom
Hawaiian EP.ATUA Akua Name of the fourteenth night of the full moon
New Zealand Maori EP.ATUA Atua(-mate-o-Hotu) The moon on the fifteenth day
Tokelau PN.AQU Au Reach, get at, have a good range; be matured at birth, be born at full term
West Futuna MP.QAU.1 Au Current, eddy, whirlpool
Tahitian MP.QAUA.1 Aua (Valamugil engeli) of intermediate size. Poisson de la famille des Mugilidae (Crenimugil crenilabis), quand il est de taille intermédiaire entre ' oorie et tehu (Lmt)
Manihiki-Rakahanga CE.AWATEA.* Avatea Afternoon, noon, daytime
Hawaiian PN.QAUEE Au(w)ee Oh! Oh dear! Oh boy! Alas! Too bad! Goodness! (Much used to express wonder, fear, scorn, pity, affection)...To groan, moan, grieve, bewail
New Zealand Maori PN.QAU-HULU A(a)uru Pluck up (of weeds), destroy (as floodwaters destroying vegetation on banks), as scrofula destroying flesh
Tongan NP.QAU-KAI ʔAukai Go without food, fast
Emae SO.QAU-KAU Kau-loa Bloody discharge from sore (Clk) Problematic
Tongan SO.QAU-KAU Au Current, stream; ooze out (of pus) Problematic
Tahitian NP.QAU-TALA Autara To sharpen the edge of a bamboo splinter for cutting with
Penrhyn MP.AWA Ava A passage through the reef opening into the lagoon
Nukuoro MP.QAWA Ava Fish sp. (=large tonu, = large hagaodaloo)
Hawaiian CE.AWATEA.* Awakea Noon
Rarotongan CE.AWATEA.* Avatea Forenoon nine to twelve
Tuamotu CE.AWATEA.* Avatea Late morning to early afternoon
New Zealand Maori PN.AWE.A Awe White hair from dog tail, hair from about fontanelles; soot; cloud