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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Tahitian MP.MUTU.1A Mutu Déchiré, coupé
Tokelau MP.MUTU.1A Mutu Cut off, lopped (of parts of living things)
Tongan MP.MUTU.1A Mutu Cut off
Easter Island EP.MUTU.1B ʔO/mutu 30th night of lunar cycle
New Zealand Maori EP.MUTU.1B Oo/mutu Night of the moon, thirtieth night
Tahitian EP.MUTU.1B Motu. Mutu (Aud). 30th night of month
Marquesas CE.MUTU.1C Mutu Silencieux, taciturne, muet. Morne (Lch).
Mangareva CE.MUTU.1C Mutu Be silent, mute (I). Garder le silence; parler rarement; cesser, diminuer (vent)
Tuamotu CE.MUTU.1C Mutu Become silent, cease speaking
East Futuna MP.MUTU.2 Mutu Fish sp., small
New Zealand Maori MP.MUTU.2 Mutu Fish sp
Ifira-Mele MP.MUTU.2 Mutu Fish sp. probably damselfish (Abudefduf sp.)
Marquesas MP.MUTU.2 Mutu/keo Espece de poisson
Penrhyn MP.MUTU.2 Koo/mutu/mutu Humbug dascyllus Dascylluaruanu)
Tongan PN.GUTU-LIMU Ngutulimu K. fish
Vaeakau-Taumako PN.GUTU-LIMU Mutu limu A parrotfish Phonologically Irregular
Rennellese MP.MUTU.2 Mutu Kind of small fish caught in nets and on the reef
Rotuman MP.MUTU.2 Mutu Small, dark-grey fish Borrowed
Samoan MP.MUTU.2 Mutu Abudefuf sp. , fish sp.
Tikopia MP.MUTU.2 Mutu Small, striped, edible fish taken on reef in hand-net (Pomacentidae cf. Abudefduf spp.)
Tokelau MP.MUTU.2 Mutu Tropical ragfish (Abudefduf sp.)
Tongan MP.MUTU.2 Mutu/mutu Fish sp
West Futuna MP.MUTU.2 Mutu Fish sp. 'Bigbel' (= toadfish?) (Fkm) (Mylio [Acanthopagurus] berda [Goldsilk Seabream]) (Rve).
Fijian PN.NA.3 E na Future tense Problematic
Vaeakau-Taumako PN.NAQA.2 Na Not, negative imperative particle often used before the TAM particle me or after aua 'don't'; TAM particle signifying irrealis (i.e. a distant or uncertain future, a possibility, something counterfactual)
Rarotongan EP.NO Noo Belonging to, of (where the possession is...inherent, inalienable, non-agentive); for (the future inherent possession of); for (a particular purpose); engaged in (an activity); from (a place); because of, as a result of, for (a reason);
East Futuna PN.PAKO Pako Plante odoriférante dont on utilisé les oignons pour fabriquer le parfum futunien (Cyperus rotundus) Mfr)
West Uvea OC.PALI.3 Pali/mutu Dry mouth (Balad 1860)
Tokelau PN.PAATA Gutu patapata Said of one who gossips a lot
Tahitian TA.PEU.2 Peu Coutume, habitude
Samoan PN.PILITA Pilita (Dioscorea pentaphylla) [Tutuila name]
Niue MP.GUTU.A Gutu manu Beak
Marquesas CE.POHUTU.1 Pohutu Peloton, pelote, balle. Petit paquet (Lch).
Marquesas CE.POHUTU.1 Haka/pohutu/ i te ʔiʔima Close the fist
Tahitian CE.POHUTU.1 Pohutu To be fed to satiety; to be worked to weariness Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tuamotu CE.POHUTU.1 Poohutu/hutu White, round organ resembling a stomach sac in some fish
New Zealand Maori TA.POHUTU.2 Pohutu To splash
Tuamotu TA.POHUTU.2 Poohutu To splash, make a splashing
New Zealand Maori TA.POO-FATU.2 Poohutu/kawa A tree (Metrosideros excelsa) Phonologically Irregular
Rarotongan TA.POO-FATU.2 Po(o)ʔutu/kava A coastal shrub with white berries (Sophora tomentosa) Ngaputoru name . (Scaevola sericea.) Phonologically Irregular
Easter Island EP.RUTU Rutu To throw many stones at the same time
New Zealand Maori CE.POO-RUTU Poorutu Dash, break (of sea); splash with hands
Rarotongan CE.POO-RUTU Poorutu Pour down heavily, in torrents (rain, waterfall)
Tahitian CE.POO-RUTU Porutu Loud, clamorous, applied to a voice; to be speaking very loud Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tuamotu CE.POO-RUTU Porutu Repel or check by a sign of the hand, as an unwelcome advance or displeasing remark; to trim down the edge of a strake or plank Problematic
Tahitian TR.POO-NAO Poonao Dé de couturière; cadenas; pelote (de ficelle...); boîte (d'allumettes) (poonao maati)
Marquesas TA.POO-TURI Putuʔi Sourd; désobéissant, indocile, insoumis, incrédule, désobéir Phonologically Irregular
Tahitian TA.POO-TURI Pouturi Deaf, deaf as a post, feigned deaf
East Futuna FJ.PUKE.1A Puke Mound, name of mountain on Futuna
East Futuna CE.PUKE.1B Puke Name of a mountain on Futuna Problematic