#61.5: Illness and Injury.

Reconstruction Description
ANE.B A skin condition; substance causing skin irritation
AUGA A skin condition (Rby)
FAI-TOQO Medical practices
FAKA-FOHA Boil, abscess
FALA.3 Injured, damaged
FEEFEE A boil or abscess
FEKE-FEKE Rough-surfaced (of skin), associated with filariasis
FETE.1 Swollen (Rby): *(fe(te))fete
FITI.1C Sprain, strain (muscle)
FOA.C Headache
FUAFUA.2A Pimple
FULA.1 Swell up, be swollen, a swelling (anatomical): *(fu)fula
FUNE.2 The itch, scabies; be itchy
GA-FOA.*B Headache
GAALULU.B Headache, nausea
GAAOQI Hurt, sore
GAGAU Unwell
GUGU.2 Rheumatism, arthritis
ISU.2 Hurt, pain, sore
KAFO Wounded, injured; injury, wound
KAI.1B To spread, erode (of an ulcer or sore)(Clk): *(ka)kai
KALA.2 Smart, sting (as from iodine)
KALAWA.2 Blood visible on the skin
KASIKASI Skin eruptions such as caused by scrofula, scabies: *kasi(-kasi)
KEA.1 Thrush (throat infection): *ke(q)a
KITA.2B Relapse following an illness
KOLO-PUPUU Inflate, swell up (as bubbles, blisters)
KOO-PITO Stomach pain
KOO-PUKU A swelling
KOO-PUUPUU Blistered, bloated
KOOFAO Swollen, dropsical
KOWI.A Abnormal condition of skin
LAFA Ringworm
LAGA.3 Hurt, painful
LAWE-A Wounded, injured
MA-KOKI Sprained
MA-MATE.1 Be numb
MA-UI Ill, not well, sick
MAA-HUQI Sprained, strained (of muscle, tendon), dislocated, separated
MAARIRI Disease category involving raised temperature
MAFO Healed, as a sore or wound
MAFU.1 Healed (as a sore or wound)
MAGEHO.A Itch(y), stinging; sexually titillated *ma(a)g(e,i)ho
MAGI A condition of ill health
MAIFA Break, crack; type of sore on the body
MAKI Sickness, illness; sore
MAMAE.1 Pain, be in pain
MAMAHI Painful; pain
MANUKA.1 Wound, sore: *ma(a)nuka
MASAKI Sickness, sick person

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