#16: Local Aspects of Motion.

Reconstruction Description
AFE.1A Deviate, turn aside
AQU Come, reach, arrive
ATA.2 Carefully and deliberately
ATO Ascend
ESI Chase away, pursue: *(q)esi
EVA Float (in air), fly
FAATINO Drift, move slowly
FAKA-PELEPELE Treat with special care
FAKA-QETEQETE Act with caution
FAKA-TOO.B Descend, go down
FANAKE.* Ascend, rise
FE-FOKI-SAKI Keep on coming and going
FE-SIKI-QAKI (Ex)change places: *fesiki(q, t)aki
FILI.3 Move vigorously or energetically
FITI.1A Fillip, flick with finger, spring up, jerk round, flip over, turn somersault
FOKA Move suddenly, as against an adversary, or involuntarily when asleep
FOKI.1 Return
FOLI.1 Go here and there, back and forth, round about
FUTA.2 To jump
GA-OQI To move, be busy, active
GAASOLO.A Move swiftly forward
GASOLO.*B Move slowly, slide along, crawl
HAA.2 Drive away
HAKE.A Go up, rise, ascend, climb; go inland or towards shore
HEKE To mount, go on board, perch
HIFO.B Downwards
HOKO.1 Arrive at, reach; happen
HURU.A Enter
KAKE Climb
KAKU.1 Approach, attempt
KALO.1 Dodge, evade
KAMI.3 Run or walk in a particular way
KAPA.3 Flash; sudden motion (Clk)
KIFU Run swiftly
KOI.5 Quick
KOLI.1A To move: *ko(l,n)i
KOO-NEKE Slide along
KOO-NIFI Move slowly or stealthily
KORO-PEKA Criss-cross
LAGA.1A Raise (up), lift
LAGASAU Press on to a goal
LEI.2 Leap
LELE-A.2 To be driven away by wind
LELE.A Fly, run, leap
LEMO.2 To slip
LESU Return
LEWA.1 Free-float in air or on water, be suspended
MA-FITI Make sudden movement, spring up

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