#95: Canoes and Fishing Gear.

Reconstruction Description
AAPULU Crowded; to sink (esp. of overcrowded vessel)
ALAGA.B Rigging and gear of a vessel
ATU-MATA Mesh of net
FAFA.3 Sheet (of rigging)
FAGA.4 Fish-trap
FAIVA Fishing
FAKA-RUKU Dive for fish
FAQU-LUA Sea-going craft, probably specifically a double-canoe *f(a,o)qu-lua
FIINAKI Fish trap
FILIANI Mast or other part of superstructure of canoe
FIRI-FIRI Turtle net
FOHE Paddle
FOHE-MURI Stern paddle
FOLAU Expedition by sea; sea voyage; travel by sea
FONO.1B Washstrake or other plank for a canoe
FOTA.2 Fishtrap
FUA.4 Fleet of canoes
FUATA.1B Type of net, or part of net
FUTA.1 To inflate, swell up; float of fishing net; to boast
HAMA Outrigger, outrigger float
KALIA Double canoe
KALISI.2 Rope used on fishing net; net sinker
KATEA Side of boat opposite to outrigger
KAU.8 Type of fish hook
KAVITI.2 Point attached to a trolling lure
KIATO Outrigger boom
KIE.C Sail of a boat
KU-KUTI Hand-net for fishing
LAA.1 A sail
LAGO.2 Skid used to support or launch canoe; support, prop
LIU.1 Bilge of vessel, bilge-water
LOLOGA Section of long net
MA-LAGA.2 Travel, journey
MA-TILA Bamboo; bamboo fishing rod; bamboo knife
MANU.3 Canoe part
MATA-A-WAKA Bow, fore part of canoe
MATA.1B Mesh of net
MATAQU.1 Fishhook: *ma(a)taqu
MAUNU Bait: *m(a(a),o(o))-unu
MOA.3 Notched ornamentation at end of canoe
MOKA.3 A kind of fish-trap
NIAO Gunwale of canoe, rim, edge (of tool): *ni(i)ao
NOKO.1B Stern of a canoe
OO.1 Tuna baitfish, such as the fry of Siganus or Caesio spp. (Hpr)
OQA Topstrakes of a canoe
PAA-LOA.* Seine
PAA.3A Fish-hook (trolling)

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