#71: General States and Qualities.

Reconstruction Description
AFU.3 Resemble, be similar to (Rby)
FAKA-MAQU Attach, make fast
GAA-GAA Unsteady, loose, unstable
GALI.2A Be attractive, appropriate
GALI.2B Be likely, probable; better, preferable
GATA.2 Cracked, dry
GOSE Soft, pliable, weak; gentle, agreeable
KEHE Different, be different, other
KESE Different
KOONINI.2 Sensory pleasure
LALA.2 Scattered, disorderly
MAAFE Abated, grown indistinct, faded
MAGE Dried out
MAKAKA-TAU Hard, firm
MANU-A Infested; full of insects or other small creatures
MAQOLI True, real, genuine: *ma(a)qoli
MAQONI.* True, genuine: *ma(a)qoni
MAQU.1 Fixed, firm; constant, persistent, permanent; caught, stuck, snagged
MARONA To die down, to be brought down: *ma(r,l)ona
MATUQA.B Main, principal; also in expressions for "thumb" and "big toe"
MOKA.2 Finished, empty
MOTI.2 Bounded, limited; finished
NASA Bent under tension
NOA.1 Be common, worthless
PA-KIKO.2 Finished, arranged
PAKEWA.1 Not straight; in error
PARA-HUU Squash, burst, as overripe fruit; over-ripe, rotten
PE-HEE Like that; to say
PONO.2 True, correct
PUPU.A Crowded, close together (of plants or people); dense, thick (vegetation), overgrown, littered; clump (of vegetation)
QAO.3 Appropriate, suitable
QAOGA Useful, suitable
RATO Covered; abundant
RITE Alike, equal
SALA.1 Err, error; crime, sin
SAPE.B Crooked, wrong
SEE.1 Err, mistake, go astray
SEWA.A Confused, in error
TAA-MAU Fasten, secure (Clk): *taa-ma(q)u
TAAU-NOA Inactive, useless, in vain (Ebt)
TAFITO.B Ancient, old
TANO.1 Correct
TAPARURU Buzzing, whirring; unsteady; uncontrolled behaviour
TATAU.2 Equal, the same as; to match, fit (Rby)
TAU-SALA To err, get it wrong
TEKE.1 Crooked; deceitful
TIKA.B Straight, correct, true

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