Fijian entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
MP.FAU.A Vau A tree (Hibiscus tiliaceus) (Cpl)
OC.FAQU.1 Vau/ca Tie (Cpl)
OC.FE- Ve/i- Reciprocal prefix (Cpl)
NP.FEA Vei Where? Problematic (Cpl)
FJ.FEFE.A Veve Crooked, bent (Cpl)
TO.FEEFEE.1 Vakaevei How? Problematic (Cpl)
OC.FEKA-FEKA Veka Defecate (Cpl)
NP.FENUQU.A* Venu/ki Fibres of coconut husk beaten ready for twisting into sennit; an ingrowing eyelash Problematic (Cpl)
FJ.FENUA.*D Dakai ni vanua Cannon (Bgs)
PN.FESI.1 Vesi Intsia bijuga (Cpl)
FJ.FESI.2 Bese Dislike, refuse (Cpl)
FJ.FESU Vesu/ka Bind or tie a person (Cpl)
MP.FETAQU Vetau (Calysaccion tinctorium) (Cpl)
MP.FETAQU Vetao A tree (Calysaccion tinctorium) (Phm)
CP.FIA- Via- Verbal prefix indicating wish, desire (Bgs)
OC.FIFI.1 Bebe Vagina Problematic (Cpl)
FJ.FII-FII Vivi Wrap up, as a mat; bind, as a bandage; roll one thing around another (Cpl)
AN.FIHA.A Vica How many? (Cpl)
OC.FISI Vici Bind, coil, roll up (Cpl)
AN.FILI.1 Vili Pick up scattered things (Cpl)
FJ.FILI.3 Viri Go on vigorously; to pelt, stone (Cpl)
MP.FIRI.1 Viri/bale Cross one thing over another (Cpl)
EO.FILO Vulo Twist thread on knee (Cpl)
EO.FILO Viro Cross-grained (of timber) Problematic (Cpl)
PN.FIRO.1 Viro Cross-grained (of timber) Problematic (Cpl)
AN.FISO.1 Vuso Froth, foam Problematic (Cpl)
OC.FISO.2 Vico A wild Sugarcane (Erianthus maximus) (Cpl)
FJ.FITA.2 Bita To feel urge to do a thing (Cpl)
MP.FITI.1A Vidi Spring up (Cpl)
PN.FITI.2 Viti Traditional place name (in western islands) (Cpl)
AN.FITU Vitu Seven (Cpl)
FJ.FIQU Biu/ta Throw away (Cpl)
FJ.FOO.1 Voo Minnow-like, fresh- and saltwater fish spp (Cpl)
PN.FOO.2A Boo Squeeze (Cpl)
MP.FOHE Voce Paddle (Cpl)
FJ.FOHI Voci Peel anything with soft flexible skin such as cooked banana or taro (Cpl)
FJ.FOKAI Vokai A small lizard (Cpl)
EO.FOKI.1 Ya/voki/ Shift (of wind) (Cpl)
EO.FOKI.1 Vuki Turn, change v (Cpl)
FJ.FOLI.1 Voli Indefinite movement (Pawley 1970) (Cpl)
OC.FONO.1A Vono Join pieces together (Cpl)
PN.FONO.1B Vono-ta Join pieces of canoe together Problematic (Cpl)
FJ.FONO.2A Vono Deliberative assembly (Cpl)
PN.FONO.3 Vono Part of ceremonial feast given to warriors (Hkt)
AN.FONU.2 Vonu Turtle (Cpl)
MP.FOTO Voto Thorn (Cpl)
MP.FOTO Voto/-ni-vai Skate thorn (Cpl)
MP.FOTU.1 Votu Appear (Cpl)
AN.FOQOU Vou New (Cpl)
PN.FUU.1A Vuvu Cough repeatedly (Cpl)

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