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Protoform Item Description Source
AN.QOTI.A Oti-v Finish. complete, end (Cpl)
MP.PAA.1 Baa Fish fence, enclosure (Cpl)
OC.PAA.3A Baca Worm; hence bait for fishing (Cpl)
OC.PAA.3A Baa Tongan variety of fish-hook (Cpl)
NP.PAA.3B Vaa Shell sp Problematic (Cpl)
OC.PAE.1A Bai Fence round town (Cpl)
FJ.PAKEWA.2 Baakewa Remora or Sucking fish (Cpl)
CP.PAKI-PAKI Bakui Hydra Problematic (Cpl)
PN.PAKOLA Bokola Dead body of a victim to be eaten (Cpl)
FJ.PAKU.E Baku Uncircumcised (S.E.Vanua Levu) (Gty)
OC.PALA.2 Bala/bala Tree fern (Cyathea lunulata) (Cpl)
OC.PALAGI Balagi A fish (Teuthis sp.) (Cpl)
PN.PALAU Vunau Harangue Problematic (Cpl)
FJ.PALE.3C Bale Fall from position of height (Cpl)
NP.PA-LEMO Dromu Drink under water Problematic (Cpl)
FJ.PALI.1A Bari ni vatu Cliff, precipice (Cpl)
FJ.PALI.1B Bari Action of waves on a rock face (Cpl)
OC.PALI.3 Bari Nibble at a hard thing (eg. a stone) (Cpl)
CP.PALOLO.A Balolo Balolo worm (Cpl)
AN.PALU.2 Valu Make war on Problematic (Cpl)
OC.PANI.1 Vani Put oil through hair with fingers (Cpl)
MP.PAPA.1A Baba Side (especially side planks of canoe) (Cpl)
MP.PAPA.1A Bava Wash-strake of canoe Problematic (Cpl)
MP.PAPA.1A Vava Board Problematic (Cpl)
FJ.PAAPAA Baba A large fish like a snake, with a large mouth (Cpl)
NP.PAA-PAKU Vaavaku Thick (of a board) Problematic (Cpl)
CP.PASU.1A Vacu-ka Punch, pound with fist (Cpl)
CP.PASU.1A Basu-ka Break off, break or force open (Cpl)
FJ.PASU.2 Basuka To force legs apart in rape (Cpl)
EO.PATA.2 Pata Kind of imported banana Problematic (Cpl)
EP.PAA-TEFE Teve To circumcise Problematic (Cpl)
FJ.PAATUKI Paatuki (Cirrhites sp.) (Ono-i-lau) (Gty)
CP.PAU.1A Vaka/bau Be confirmed, believed, accepted (Cpl)
EP.PAU.1D Bau Taken away (Cpl)
SO.PAU.1B Bau Only (postposed particle) (Cpl)
FJ.PAU.3 Bau Tree with edible fruit and beautiful red-brown wood used to make canoes, boxes; (Sapotaceae sp.); also (Pittosporum brackenridgei) (Cpl)
OC.PEQE Ve/a Overripe, soft (of breadfruit) (Cpl)
OC.PEAU Biau A wave (said to be borrowed from PN) Problematic (Cpl)
NP.PEE-FEA Vakaevei How? (Cpl)
OC.PEKA.1 Beka Bat n (Cpl)
EP.PEKA.2A Bekabeka Coconut leaves plaited to serve as plates Problematic (Cpl)
OC.PELA Vela/vela Nauseous Problematic (Cpl)
OC.PELE.2 Bele (Hibiscus manihot) (Cpl)
OC.PELU.A Belu(ka) Bend, curve (Cpl)
OC.PENU.A Benu Refuse from food (Cpl)
OC.PEPE Beebee Butterfly (Cpl)
PN.PEWA Bewa Ten bunches of bananas (Cpl)
MP.PIA.1 Ya/bia/ Arrowroot, starch (Cpl)
MP.PIA.1 Via Giant arum (Cpl)
PN.PIKI.2 Piki (Arm) crooked [Eastern Fijian Dialect] Uncertain Semantic Connection (Gty)

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