Rarotongan entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
TA.REMU.2 Remu Moss, seaweed (Bse)
PN.LENA.1 Rena To stretch (e.g. a rope). Pass renaa`ia (Bse)
OC.LEQO.1 Reo Voice (Bse)
FJ.LEPA.1 Repa/a Flap (of sail) (Bse)
EP.REPE Repe Comb of birds; female genitals; clitoris (Bse)
EP.REPE Repe(repe) Division of the buttocks(Etn) (Bse)
EP.REPO Repo Dirty, soiled, foul; dirt, muck, mud; to shit (Bse)
NP.LEPU Repu-a Troubled, perplexed, worried, uneasy etc. (Sve)
CP.LEU-LEU Reureu Female waist garment (Sve)
TA.PAA-REU Paareu Waist-wrap, kilt, dancing skirt; wrap around the waist; light floral cotton material from which pareu and dresses are made (Bse)
EP.REWA.1A Reva Get under way (Bse)
EP.REWA.1B Reva Flag (Bse)
CP.LEWA.2 Reva False Sea-mango (Cerbera odollam) (McC)
FJ.LII.2 Rii Tie, lash, bind (Bse)
TA.RIAKI Riaki Rise up (Bse)
CP.LIALIA Riaria Bad, ill or evil, unfavourable, not nice, etc. (Sve)
OC.LIGI Ri(ri)ngi Pour (Bse)
AN.LIHA Riʔa Nit, egg of louse (Bse)
CE.MA-REKA Mareka Feel pleasure, take pleasure in something, appreciate; pleased, happy.... (Bse)
FJ.LIKA Rika Visions (Bse)
FJ.LIKA ʔAka/rika/rika Cause terror (Bse)
AN.RIKI Riki Small (Bse)
AN.RIKI ʔAka(ri)riki/ Make smaller (Bse)
PN.LILI.1 Riri Angry, to be (Bse)
PN.LILO Riro Disappear, be removed, gone, taken away (Bse)
EP.RIRO Riro Pass into the possession of, be obtained, got, acquired; come about, happen (Bse)
AN.LIMA.A Rima Five (Bse)
MP.LIMA.B Rima Hand (Bse)
MP.LIMU Rimu Moss, seaweed (Bse)
CE.RIO.1 Rio Dry up, wither, fade (Sve)
CE.RIO.2 Rio A type of banana (Bse)
NP.LIPO Ripo Night breeze (Bse)
EP.RITE Rite Alike, equal (Bse)
PN.LITO.2 Rito Heart of plant (Bse)
TA.RITO.B Rito Essence; juice, the rich, useful or potent part of a plant or fruit which is extracted for use... (Bse)
PN.LIU.1 Riu Bilge, bilge-water (Bse)
OC.LIU.2 Riu Turn round (Bse)
OC.LOO Roo Ant (Bse)
FJ.ROO.1 Roo Go (Bse)
OC.LOA.1 Roa Long a (Bse)
NP.LOA.2 Roa Very, immediately, completely (Bse)
CE.ROFEROFE Roeroe Tadpoles; mosquito larvae; thread worms (Sve)
CE.ROFEROFE Roʔeroʔe Mosquito larva, tiny organisms generally (Bse)
AN.ROGO.1A Rongo Hear (Bse)
AN.ROGO.1B Rongo News (Bse)
CE.ROGO.2 Rongo/nui A phase of the moon, the twenty-sixth night (Bse)
PN.LOGOAQA Rongo/rongoaa/ Notorious, of ill repute, infamous (Sve)
CK.ROGO-NUI Rongonui Famous, renowned, fame, renown (Bse)
PN.LOHOLOHO Rooroo Unopened sheath of the coconut palm which contains the flowering and fruiting elements; the spathe of coconut palm ; the sheath enclosing the spadix of coconut palm (Sve)
PN.LOHOLOHO Rooroo The spadix in AIT, ATI, MIA Problematic (Bse)

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